For a God and a Goddess – A Gift of Reading

If you’ve been wanting to read either The Loki Adventures or Sacred Knight, but don’t know which one to get, do I have a deal for you.

This month, on December 22nd, I’m releasing the starter library which has the first stories in both series. That’s right, get both in one book!


For a God and a Goddess contains 1-800-Mischief and the updated version of The Three Books, which includes the map and character list.

As a small starter library collection, it will only be available in ebook edition. Normally, if you bought these two ebooks separately, they would cost you $6.98, but together in this edition, you can get them for $4.99.

For a God and a Goddess becomes available December 22nd. You can pre-order now for your device by clicking here. Many distribution systems like Amazon allow you to order ebooks as a gift too — so you can share the stories you love with your friends and family. Get them reading and talking about the stories too.


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