Onesong – Chapter 47

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Onesong is an epic fantasy story filled with action, adventure, and sword and sorcery. Chapter 47 is available for 1 week only! Then it will turn back into a pumpkin and a new chapter will appear! Previously in Onesong: As a child, Rivic destroys not only his parents’ village, but also the village of his aunt and uncle, leaving only him and his twin sister, Nyree, alive. Alone, hungry, and wandering through the woods, the twins are found by a beast that swallows them whole. Ten years later (or so), the twins are hatched from a dragon egg. With each of them receiving special dragon powers, they are charged with saving the world from a terrible evil rising. Unsure of this new world, Nyree quickly becomes ill. Rivic finds help from a nearby tribe who takes them in. The healer, Ellonia, has been seeing Rivic in her dreams for years and knows that he is the one destined to save her people. Until Necroathelings from Gohaldinest arrive and kidnap his sister. Rivic leaves Ellonia behind in order to go to Gohaldinest and rescue his sister. Along the way, he meets a cahaster, a small, kittenish dragon, named Dragzel. Rivic meets Cirvel, the Lord of Gohaldinest, and makes a bargain to stay as an acolyte and continue the study of magic. Rivic conspires with two friends, Alityka and Lihn (Cirvel’s mistress), against Cirvel. Cirvel announces his intentions to promote Rivic to the status of dominus. After Rivic spends some time as a dominus, Alityka gets promoted to dominus as well and they believe they will have more time together to figure out how to bring about Cirvel’s downfall. But that time is short-lived when Cirvel announces his intention to make Rivic stand with him as second in command for Gohaldinest. Worse yet, Cirvel takes Ellonia and imprisons her within a genie lamp to insure that Rivic will do as Cirvel wishes. If things couldn’t get much worse, Alityka leaves Gohaldinest. When some Necroathelings invite Rivic to their games on an alternate dimension called, The Playground, Rivic discovers that Lihn has been held prisoner there and that Cirvel has been creating an army of undead Necroathelings, but Rivic can’t figure out why. When Cirvel suggests that Rivic take some time to figure things out, Rivic goes to see the fortune-teller at the tea shop. She urges him to go speak to the Guardian beneath Gohaldinest. But the Guardian has no good news for him, only a warning that there might be a greater danger. Unable to avoid it, Rivic goes through the process to become a Necroatheling. After the ceremony, Cirvel frees Ellonia from the lamp, allowing Rivic to be with her again. Rivic takes Ellonia to the Guardian, who gives her a dragon blessing, making Ellonia a sapere for Rivic. Cirvel discovers Ellonia and Rivic knows punishment is coming.

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Onesong front cover2 small


by Dawn Blair

Chapter 47

Rivic raised his hand to knock on Cirvel’s door for their morning lessons, but he held it back in hesitation. If he were to grab Ellonia and flee from Gohaldinest, how long would it be before Cirvel could track them down?

Was there anything he could do to prevent Cirvel’s wrath?” He knew that if he took Ellonia, that would just evoke Cirvel even more. The best thing to do was to show up for his lessons and do what he had sworn to do. Exhaling a decisive breath, he pounded on the door.

He heard Cirvel call for him to enter.

Nothing seemed different and nothing was out of place from any other morning when Rivic entered the room. There were no strange new paintings on the wall, or lamps sitting on the table. Nothing looked as if it were about to harm Rivic.

He entered, keeping his hands tightly against his robes to prevent his palms from sweating. He went and probably a little too carefully lifted his chair to pull it out as if he didn’t want to make any noise at all. The less he could draw Cirvel’s attention, the better off he’d be. He sat.

Cirvel, as per the morning usual, took a sip of his tea before he spoke. “I have been thinking about how best to train our new sapere. It would appear that my sapere is too old and his mind to feeble from the spells that I’ve been casting upon him in order to prolong his life. It would appear, I have waited far longer than I should have and had you not taken decisive action on your own, we both may have been placed in jeopardy before too long.”

Rivic couldn’t really believe that he was hearing Cirvel praising him for his rash actions. Did a part of him need Cirvel to punish him that badly? He did, because he wanted Cirvel to take retribution upon him and not upon Ellonia.

Rivic glanced down at the table hoping that Cirvel would take it as a thoughtful moment rather than him trying to compose himself. “All right. What are you suggesting?” He hoped that this would not end with him putting Ellonia back inside a lamp.

Cirvel’s fingers stroked the side of the teacup, his nails a faint hiss against the ceramic. “We shall let her rest today. Tomorrow, you will bring her with you to your lessons. She should begin to understand what exactly a novihomidrak is. When Alityka returns, we shall enlist her help.”

“Alityka?” He said her name is nearly a muted cough. The last thing he wanted to do was involve Ellonia’s sister in this too. It took a moment before Rivic trusted his voice enough to speak again. “How can Alityka help us?”

“I would’ve suspected that even you would realize by now.” Cirvel lowered his cup our way down to the table. His dark eyes glanced at Rivic with scrutiny and Rivic realized this was a test. What hadn’t he understood about Alityka? What was Cirvel getting at?

Rivic had to admit that he didn’t understand. He conceded. “I don’t. I don’t see how Alityka can help.”

Cirvel looked disappointed for a moment and he set his cup down on the table while leaning forward. “Your friend is more than a Dominari and your lover is more than a healer.” Cirvel gave a smile which told Rivic that he understood more than Rivic could ever hope to know.. With all that Cirvel knew about them, Rivic knew that the rope was tightening around their neck’s. He and his friends were in danger and Cirvel was letting them hang themselves.

“Why Rivic, you don’t seem to look well. I’ve heard that a novihomidrak should never see the making of their own sapere, and this one must’ve been particularly harsh, considering her age. Maybe you should also go and rest for today.”

A part of Rivic wanted to stay. But if he remained in his chair and tried to learn from Cirvel today merely so that he could find out how angry Cirvel really was, Rivic wasn’t certain he’d remember any of his lessons. He be too busy trying to decipher Cirvel’s every tone and inflection. But the part of him that really wanted to leave worried that no matter what he did Cirvel would be checking on him and following his actions. He really was in a no-win situation. He had to face it: Cirvel knew about them and most likely that they were plotting against him trying to bring his downfall. Of course, if he really thought about it, everyone outside of Gohaldinest was trying to destroy Cirvel. The Lord of Gohaldinest had become use to having to defend himself and sly in watching the ways of those who might be treacherous toward him. Rivic was no better. Cirvel was right in not trusting him. His whole life had been set merely for the task of betraying Cirvel, a mission set to him by Cirvel’s own novimather, the dragon mother that they shared. Did Cirvel hoped to win him over and knew of Rivic’s indecision. How close was Cirvel to winning his trust? He knew as he sat here that he really didn’t want to betray Cirvel, and he didn’t want Alityka to either. There was a lot that they all could learn if only they paid attention. Was it anything that Cirvel was doing truly evil? He had been sent here merely to save the humans of this planet and was he not accomplishing that task? What would happen if they succeeded in defeating Cirvel?

Indecision held Rivic in his chair. He found himself starting to not slowly. “Aye, when Alityka returns, I will bring her to you.” In his heart, it felt like such a trail to Alityka. He didn’t know why Cirvel wanted her, what purpose she was just served to him, but he knew he would bring Alityka to him.

This did seem to please Cirvel. Worse, Rivic knew that tomorrow he would put Ellonia within his grasp to.

“Lihn has returned as well,”

Cirvel said, a glint in his dark eyes.

Rivic felt so trapped. Yet, he had to ask, “Am I permitted to go see her this afternoon?”

“You and Alityka have never requested my permission to see Lihn before?. Why should you begin now?”

Rivic felt to tremble go through him and he knew as he looked in Cirvel black eyes that he was beginning to see the depths of Cirvel’s irritation with them. Cirvel had always known. Rivic wondered if Cirvel even knew about the times they have been meeting in secret while Cirvel was away from Gohaldinest.

Rivic knew he had to quit fearing because Cirvel was seeing it and using it against him to make him feel even smaller. He had to begin to stand his ground. That was always what Nyree had meant when she told him that he needed to get stronger. Rivic made sure to stare right into those dark eyes as he made his face as stoic as he could and summoned courage throughout self. He was a novihomidrak. He was just as strong as his novihomidrak brother. “Aye, but now our relationship is changed a bit. I am to stand with you.”

These words made Cirvel lean back in his chair and look thoughtfully at Rivic. “It is my fondest wish that you mean the words you speak and make no mistake about it: You are my Necroatheling and I am your necronosti. You know as well as I do that that has been fated. Our paths, while have been given the illusion of being paralleled see each other, have been slowly coming together and it is only a matter of time before they collide.”

Rivic tipped his head forward. He hated the tears gathering in his eyes. “I am humbly yours.” Rivic regretted the words as he said them for he knew that somewhere deep inside him they were true. “Let us begin our lesson.”

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Onesong – copyright © 2017/2018 Dawn Blair

Published by Morning Sky Studios
Cover and layout copyright © 2017 by Morning Sky Studios
Cover design by Dawn Blair/Morning Sky Studios
Cover art “Looking Toward Yesterday” copyright © Dawn Blair

This excerpt is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental. This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission.


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