Progress – June 25, 2018

June 25, 2018

Hail, fellow adventurers.

I don’t know about you, but last week was a bushwhacking week. Some incredible high points (so lows too, but balance in all things, right?) Whew!

Let’s see… I got my print copy of Eggs at Play. That was fun.

Some people have also already noticed that the next Loki novella, 1-800-IceBaby is up for pre-order. It will officially be available August 28th. Spread the word!

1-800-icebaby front small

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Cover design by Dawn Blair/Morning Sky Studios
Cover art copyright © Ileana – Marcela Bosogea – Tudor |, © Maglara |, © Phive2015 |

PS. That word is “mischief.”

(insert Loki’s laughter here)

Yeah, he’s a bit excited too.  Read the rest of this entry »


Progress – June 11, 2018

June 11, 2018

For the readers that have asked for a continuation of The Doorway Prince, rejoice! This last week, Eclipse started telling me that something happened and now we’re off on a mystery together.

I’ve also gotten several chapters of  Tangled Magic reviewed. And I’m rethreading The Missing Thread (yes, I find great humor with that one!).  I’m into chapter 3, piecing together several parts I’d previously written, and it feel so much stronger.

I got the Sacred Knight box set up onto Kobo. Speaking of the series, the audiobook for Quest for the Three Books is getting closer and closer. Yeah, baby steps. On all fronts.

Plus I got some drawing and painting done this week, though Eggs at Play still doesn’t want to manifest as a print book. Argh! I have to keep reminding myself that the first one is always the hardest because of the learning curve. I’m figuring things out, slowly, as expected. It’ll get there, but not as efficient as I wish (obviously).  Read the rest of this entry »

Working on Weblinks

March 20, 2018

Last week, I showed a page in progress for Weblinks.

Here’s an update on that page:

MS5 Pages

This is just the pencils for this page. Inking and toning to come. Progress!

I do love Lucky’s wimpy arms in the upper panel. You see, Lucky is actually the younger of two brothers. His older brother is the buff, athletic guy. Unfortunately, the events that befall the brother make Lucky into a computer nerd. He’s spent many hours researching and digging through bad scans of arcane texts in a desperate attempt to translate them. He knows just enough to be dangerous.

But oh so much more than what Caitlyn knows. (grin)

I have always felt like this Bite (chapter) of Weblinks is talking heads, but there is so much information here. Don’t worry. We’ll get back to the action soon.

P.S. If you’re wondering why there has been no dialog on these pages, it’s because I’ve taken it off. There is a joke on this page that I’m particularly fond of and I don’t want to ruin it for readers who might see it here first. So, if you want to know what it is, you’ll have to get to reading the comic. Hopefully this page will post next week, maybe two weeks from now.



Progress – March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018

It’s a good thing that my love for creating far outweighs my desire to inflict destruction.

This last week in fighting over my domain names, I have wanted to put on my black hat and hack a certain web hosting company to shreds. Rather, I tried to just be annoying. The squeaky wheel gets the oil and all. Unfortunately, That has brought me no luck. Damn, I was hoping they would just hand over the information I needed so I’d go away.

But in constantly knocking at their door, I found myself losing a lot of time and energy. I have gotten nothing else done that I really needed to be working on.

Adrian told me I couldn’t include the word count on a very angry email I unwillingly had to write because I couldn’t get a response out of a company I’ve been doing business with for over a decade. To make it worse, I lost what I’d dictated earlier in the day. All those words, gone. Shakespeare would totally agree with me about that being a true tragedy.

He also wouldn’t let me include the word count from a second email. Two nights I wrote words that I pitched out to thin air. Yeah, that pisses me off.

Seeing how much time I was losing, I decided that I needed to refocus. If I was going to lose time, then it might as well be on something that needed to be done. I got my new website running for my comics. It doesn’t work as well as I had hoped, but it will do, especially in light of all that has been going on.  (Hey, Suckers at the web hosting company, by ignoring me, you gave to time to be rational about what needed to be done and I got all my important stuff off my websites. In your face, man!) Yep, I would have lost everything if I’d just transferred my domains and closed my account before taking a moment to realize that I had a lot of text with my posts, especially on Rockin’ Life.

I do still need to go through posts on my site. I think I’ll copy important posts to a Word document and save it, but I suspect that in the end I will not be continuing this site. I will let it go.

This is certainly not what I wanted to be doing at this time of year.

While I haven’t gotten as much done this week as I would have hoped, I still did get daily writing done. Even after writing two emails lost to cyberspace.

On Onesong, just as a reached 140,000 words in the story, I realized that I was going in a wrong direction. Yes, some of the things I’d been writing had given me food for thought — there are some things I really need to dive deeper into or at least contemplate. But my gut just told me I couldn’t continue it. I have no idea how much I’ll have to cut at this point, but I definitely have some pruning to do to get back to the part of the story that felt right. I trust the process.

I also worked on Stonecharmer. I need a moment to go back and re-read what I have written. But I have several stories that are sitting at that point.

As for my children’s story, well, that decision became easy. I went looking for the story I really wanted to work on so I could start dividing pages, and discovered that I don’t have a digital version. It’s only on paper. So I went to the other option, which got scanned in and cleaned up last summer. But I didn’t get much further than that.

Thanks to still having head congestion, I haven’t been working too much on audio this last week. I’ve been doing some story cleanup and merging voices into chapters — things I don’t have to have real clear hearing for.

Well, wish me luck for this next week. I really would love to have this whole domain mess cleared up. I have better things to be doing than wasting my time over someone who wants to be a baby over losing business rather than being a professional.

Let’s see what I got done:

Fiction words written last week: 4,924 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  1,619 words

Writing month to date total:  30,474 words words for February, 3,678 so far for March – my writing streak for hitting my daily word goal is now at 61 days (which was a stretch to keep this streak up this week) and hitting the weekly goal for the last 9 weeks.

Writing year to date total: 70,446 words

Drawing/painting last week: I spent about 2 and a half hours working on Rockin’ Life and Weblinks.

Audio: I spent 2 editing audio.

Illustration progress – February 27, 2018

February 27, 2018

While I didn’t get to work on any kid’s books last week, I did spend some time working on my Rockin’ Life and Weblink’s comics. I still haven’t decided what book I want to work on, but I suspect I know what I’m going to do.  Hopefully this week I’ll be able to get to working on it, if I don’t feel too tired from being sick (or, heaven forbid, get worse).

This is an in-progress page for Rockin’ Life:

Rockin' Life 15

Progress – February 5, 2018

February 5, 2018

I survived last week.

That is amazing on so many levels that it’s not even funny.

My brain just kept wanting to work on stories and jumped around like a monkey. Every time I would start to pin it down to work on Prince of the Ruined Land or Onesong, it would remind me that I had other things I needed to be taking care of before I could continue. It was right. I really needed to start to make a list of all the leaps in time. There’s a lot of them and I have them all in my head, which is getting to be a bad place for them. So I started a list. I was surprised at how many their were already, not to mention the ones that I know that have to happen. Good grief! Kids, don’t write time travel; it just messes everything up. (grin)

Then there was Stonecharmer. For as fast as that story had been going, the scene I’m working on now feels like it is taking forever. I swear I’ve dedicated three different writing sessions to it and I’m still not getting my main character any further along. She’s developing her abilities, so I realize it’s going to take awhile.

Then, Loki. I had one evening where I needed to get my words done fast in a short amount of time. I hear him tell me, “Yeah, you only work on me when you need to get your writing done fast. What do I look like to you?” The rest of what he added is not fit for blogging. I just told him to shut up and start telling me the story. (grin) I’m sure I’ll pay for that soon. We pumped out over 900 words in 45 minutes. That’s really the top of my time to word production. Yes, Loki, I do write fast when I’m working on your stories. They just roll. Thank you!

I also got so much done on Onesong this week that I really think I’m going to have to divide it into two books. More to come on that later.

On to the numbers:

Fiction words written last week: 6.530 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  1,219 words

Writing month to date total:  36,294 words for January and February is currently at  4.181 words – I currently have a writing streak of hitting my daily word goal for 33 days and hitting the weekly goal for the last 5 weeks.

Writing year to date total: 40,475 words

Drawing/painting last week: I spent about 3 hours working on my kids’ book.  It is now completely sketched out. I only spent 1 hour painting last week, which is less than I wanted to do, but my Saturday got weird on me. The weather was nice, so I took the paintings I brought back from Nevada outside to really give them a good cleaning and after that my throat started to get sore again. Dang dust. I didn’t think I was allergic to it, but I must be. It just made me feel not quite right all day and I couldn’t bring myself to get to painting after that.

Audio: I spent 4 and a half hours recording and editing audio. I am nearly to the halfway point in Quest for the Three Books.

It feels like “slow but steady” is my motto for right now.

Sketchbook pages

January 26, 2018

While I was going back through my sketchbooks looking for an egg picture I drew some time ago, I started thinking that it’s been awhile since I showed a sketchbook page. I never did find the egg I was looking for (though I did find several others which I’d completely forgotten about – talk about a surprise).

I’ll share some of my egg sketches later. This page, however, I wanted to post. I found a lot of horses in my journal. I can’t say I’m surprised that I have a lot of horses, but I just didn’t remember drawing so many. I know I have a habit of drawing Steigan, the main character from my Sacred Knight series, but I obviously have been feeling a need to draw horses so I can draw the unicorns in the series when I finally get there.

Here’s the full page:

sketchbook page1

Below is a closeup of the upper section of the page. I don’t know what inspired the drawing, but I do enjoy it.

sketchbook closeup

It was fun going through the sketchbooks, even though I was flipping through pages quickly looking for an egg. Not only does it show how much I’ve grown, but also how I’ve developed as an artist. It’s silly, but when I started with my sketches, I would only draw on one side of the page — the right hand side. And I left a lot of white space around each drawing. Then, I started paying attention to the sketchbooks of other artists and saw how interwoven a lot of drawings were. I began to fill up the pages more. Then I saw an artist who was drawing on both front and back sides of each page in their sketchbooks. You can see from the top picture that this is actually the back side of the previous page as its on the left. I’ve even added some things I’ve cut out from junk mail or advertisements. I like to find phrases within junk mail and figure out how to make something new out of it. That’s the writer part of my, I’m sure. The sketchbook that had this page in it is stuffed to the brim with all sorts of goodies. I have little taped flaps, phrases, thoughts, ideas, journaling about what I’m thinking on a certain day, life sketches, folded pictures I thought were interesting. It’s fun to look back at all these treasures.

Yet, I couldn’t let it delay me right now. I would be too easy to go through every picture and waste all evening in nostalgia. So I kept my visit short and sweet.

But in flipping through them all, I found it interesting that I had needed permission to open up. I started off all closed up, tight, keeping things separated. But as I saw what more and more artists were doing, I loosened up and started to let things flow more and more. It seemed like a track that I needed to walk. It was a good reminder to keep trusting the process with the art in my life too.