Setting priorities

I had to sit down and write down a list of to-do items and set priorities today. I was starting to feel as if I have a log jam and need to break that up. That's what happens when my brain goes squirreling off to chase shiny objects, even though things like setting up a … Continue reading Setting priorities

Do the best

Everyone is always doing the best they can for what they know at that moment in time. That's the lesson I'm trying to remember today. I'm afraid that's all that I have to say. And it took me a long time to write. Please just remember that while you're out on your adventures. Cheers.

Okay, wow!

I had a fascinating experience today in the way of a fantastic leap of personal growth. First, we need to step back to sometime around 1995. Among a course of other things going on in my life, I was returning to attending writers conferences which I hadn't been able to do while I was going … Continue reading Okay, wow!

Me, hopeless?

I'm writing this as it's about time for me to turn in for the night. I can't believe the day whooshed by so quickly. I've still been editing The Missing Thread all day, save for writing some new words for Palladium. I'm hoping tomorrow I can finish the edits, prepare the character list, and update … Continue reading Me, hopeless?

I was almost prey!

Something lurked outside my door, but I didn't know it. I stepped outside with my dog completely unsuspecting. Meanwhile, it waited patiently, silently. I should have felt its eyes on my back, but I didn't. It wasn't until I came back to the house that I saw it: This beautiful little praying mantis was hanging … Continue reading I was almost prey!

Broken quiet

Desperately trying to write my blog for the day. Two hours I've sat here. Researching - what do I write about tethered with "OMG, my life is so boring." Eating honey gram crackers - I am blessed, doubly so because Merlin wants half of my gram crackers. When Kreeli wakes up to the sound of … Continue reading Broken quiet