About The Unicorn & the Secret

Martias wants to spend one night feeling at home under the pine trees of his native land. Being bound with a death sentence makes it hard to bring a friend along.

Martias seeks time away from his repetitive daily life of learning and memorizing lines. He doesn’t belong with the humans. Banishment from his centaur tribe means he can never see any of them again. Yet, the forest calls to him and makes him wonder how he can dedicate himself to this life when he feels so excluded.

After persuading his only friend, a young knight in training, to go with him for just one night, Martias longs for more, maybe even a glimpse of a centaur tribe. With some convincing that they might be able to see the knights they know in action, Martias and his friend head off toward a war going on somewhere among the mountains.

Being alone gets harder when running toward battle and perils around them grow. Death might not be the worse fate imaginable. Secrets found in a cave could keep Martias from returning to his quiet life.

The Unicorn and the Secret is the tale longed for by readers of the Sacred Knight series about how Martias’ friend got his unicorn. If you like epic, expanding fantasy worlds, then you’ll love Dawn Blair’s enchanting legend, whether you are just starting this fantastical series or you want to deepen your adventure.

Get your copy now and read over Thanksgiving.

The Unicorn and the Secret

One question I am often asked is how did Steigan get his unicorn.

I’ve always answered that it happened just like the story said it did: Steigan and Martias ran away to “join” the Palin Wars, Martias sprained his ankle, Steigan found Tyana, they got in trouble, they returned home in disgrace. From Steigan’s point of view, that’s exactly how it happened and all perfectly boring.

Okay, I feel that Steigan felt shame over the whole thing and didn’t want to talk about it. That’s exactly the kind of character that he is. Remember me having to go to Annae to get the other 40 cycles of his life that he won’t talk about?


I realized I’d have to approach another character to get this story. Of course, the only other character there other than the unicorn was Martias.

Well, here’s the thing: Martias wasn’t talking about this time either.

I slowly realized that Martias wasn’t talking about it out of shame like Steigan, but rather because he had something to hide.

While I was writing Prince of the Ruined Land, Martias and I got together quite often to have little heart-to-heart chats. In Quest for the Three Books, he always knew more than Steigan and when he caught on that Steigan was discovering the truth, Martias betrayed their friendship. Badly! By the time I got to Prince of the Ruined Land, I knew that Martias had to have spectacular reasons for doing what he was doing.

The problem with Martias is that he loves attention. He wanted me to know his secret. He wanted me to know that while he was grateful for Steigan’s friendship, he also held grudges against it. The way that Martias views Steigan… well, it’s different. Where Steigan wakes up to the revelation that Martias is not who he thinks his friend is, Martias always guarded his emotions to protect himself.

Finally, Martias dared to let me know that his life changed while he and Steigan were in the Palin Mountains. I knew that the only time they had been there together was when Steigan found Tyana, his unicorn.

Now, I share with you the secrets that Martias shared with me.

I realize this isn’t book 5 in the series as many people are waiting for, but I hope this helps to ease the wait somewhat. And, of course, it will give some insights into what is coming.

I hope you enjoy!

Happy reading.

Finished a story

I finished a novella length story last night. Now I’m trying to figure out what the title should be. Usually somewhere in writing the story the title comes to me. Not this time.

Maybe I’m trying too hard because I know what I want to have in the title but I can’t make it work.

Of course, once I have the title then I can prepare the cover. And get it ready for publishing.

I really enjoy this world of indie publishing. I’m glad that I can write and release stores. As I’ve said before, my job isn’t done until someone reads my story.

This means that even though I’ve finished this story, it’s not done until it’s released. I’m only halfway there.

Don’t be lost in the forest of books any longer

I am swearing that I am not going to start spewing my dislike of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. Not in this post at least. Now that I’ve said that, let’s move on to something I feel that Amazon has actually done correctly.

Recently, they gave authors control over their own series. Yippee! Finally!

For years, if we wanted to have titles put together on a series page, we had to contact support to do it. Then you hoped they didn’t mess it up. I have been very fortunate, except for a couple issues with the Loki series which was my own doing. I had labeled some of them at “A Loki Adventure” and the others as “The Loki Adventures.” Yes, okay, I’ve done enough Excel and Word searches in my life that I understand these are two distinctly different strings of text. And if that just went over your head, be thankful you live a simple life. My life as a multipotentialite gets interesting sometimes. Once of the highlights of last year was learning about “fuzzy lookup” in Excel which would have correlated those two pieces of text above. But I digress.

This is a tool that’s still a work-in-process, but I’m glad to see the start of its development and, of course, I had to jump on it because I feel that I have so much content that feels scattered for readers. I’m sure I will mess it up a couple times, or that I will do something that I’ll have to change later since I don’t always have the “perfect” future-sight that Ithanes has, but at least I feel as if things are getting corralled a little bit.

In experimenting with this new control, I saw that box sets can be added as related content. This is the part they are still working on, but hopefully soon readers will be able to easily see what has been compiled into boxed sets.

I have added 1-800-IceBaby to the Loki series page, which I had been hesitant to do before, and put the omnibus set 1-800-CallLoki as the related content. At the moment, you can’t see the related content, so I hope they have that figured out soon. It’s ready when the capability is there. I now can’t wait to add the 7th novella to the page.

I does also know which books you’ve purchased and you can hide them, keeping only the books you don’t yet own.

As you saw (hopefully) with the featured image on this post, all the short stories for the Wells of the Onesong Stories have been put together. The boxed set for following the imagination dragon, Stardust, has been put in the related content. Again, you can’t currently see it on the series page, but I’ll be watching because I’m excited to see how all that is going to flow together.

I hope that for all the readers out there, this does help you to find connected books by your favorite indie authors. I hope they take advantage of the control they have been given.