And so… what about the final Sacred Knight?

Last night I was a little frustrated with myself and it was all my own doing. When I'd been preparing the back matter for The Missing Thread, I wanted to finalize the cover for 6th Sacred Knight. The problem was that even though I'd finished writing the story, it had never told me what it … Continue reading And so… what about the final Sacred Knight?

It’s here!

Yes, you knew it was coming, all you smart readers out there, you! The Missing Thread is available. I won't wait. I'll give you the link If you waited around for the next paragraph, then let me say that the print book is out and available through Amazon. I don't have it up in … Continue reading It’s here!

Long day

Today has been a long day. I wouldn't have it any other way. I know I've been sitting at my computer since I got up today, but my logged time says that's I've only been "working" for 9 1/2 hours. At least tomorrow I should have an announcement to make. Not that you don't know … Continue reading Long day