Palladium – Chapter 3

The last few weeks have seemed like “whack a mole.” Every time I get one of the little buggers back in the ground, something else pops up.

I guess that’s the fun and adventures in space and time.

For you Loki fans, I have been getting some done on the 7th novella. Okay, when it snows in Los Angeles, I get the point. *grin* I did have to get words done on the novella so he wouldn’t dump snow on me coming home from Sandy, Utah. It certainly was aiming that way as we headed toward that weekend. Guess who had no snow? Yep! Me. People may think that I’m weird, but that’s okay. I know the reality: Loki loves to pester me with cold, snow, and ice if I do not pay enough attention to him.

I really want to go get my words in for the night so I can get some sleep. I can’t wait until spring and the sun returns for good. I needs it, Precious, I needs it! You can clearly see I’m losing my mind here.

We should get you to the story and away from me. *grin* Happy adventuring!

This story is meant for new adult audiences. It is rather mature in nature, not that there’s anything really detrimental, but it certainly isn’t meant for readers under 17 as there is content of a sensual nature. If you are younger or prefer completely clean content, please go no further with this story.

Previously: The novihomidrak, Cirvel, heads through a festival on his way to meet up with an old “friend” who has a map that Cirvel needs. The friend, Sapere Imor, isn’t happy to see Cirvel and tries to persuade Cirvel with other temptations. Irritated with not getting his answers, Cirvel seals Imor into a genie lamp. A ninja steps from the shadows and steals away the lamp containing Imor, leaving Cirvel holding only air. He returns to the shrine to discuss the situation with the Grand Sapere, who demands to take it to the Dragon Council. Cirvel knows the Council will take far too long to come to a decision. Cirvel decides to act on his own.

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Chapter 3

by Dawn Blair

Cirvel made his way back to the festival. The musk scent in the air had deepened as fresh dancers had taken over. This had probably happened a couple times over and the sweat of all the people hung around. Through that odor, Cirvel also smelled meat cooking. A different kind now, and coming from a different vendor. This meat smelled much gamier.

He scanned around for the ninja, even while he chided himself for trying. It wouldn’t be smart for her to return to the festival; she had what she wanted.

Unless she’d been there for another reason and taking the lamp had merely been a crime of opportunity. Let’s see if we can steal from the novihomidrak and get away with it.

He had proved that she could.

He blinked down his dragon lids, the world taking on a yellow hue. A second look at the crowd didn’t reveal any more information than the first time.

Cirvel wanted to head toward the vendor booths and avail himself of the meat which tantalized his senses. In just thinking about sinking his teeth into it nearly made his dragon teeth emerge. He caught himself smiling as he swallowed back the saliva pouring into his mouth. The insides of his cheeks tingled almost painfully.

But eating what not what the Humline called him to do. Not at the moment at least. The time for that would come. Right now, it dragged him to walk away from the festival, stride confidently down the street, letting the music fade behind him. He gave in to the urge and followed where it led him.

His mind chewed over the information he knew: Imor had seen the map, one that glimmered into existence only once every decade. Granted, it had been a decade since Imor had seen the map. If the sapere hadn’t mentioned that he was waiting to view it again, word might not have ever reached Cirvel about its existence. That map would show him the source of an imagination dragon, a special one that hoarded books. Not only would this imagination dragon have the knowledge Cirvel sought, but it would have everything that Cirvel would need to know immediately afterwards in the books that it kept scattered.

But until Cirvel got back the lamp holding Imor, he was no closer to his answers than he had been before he learned of the map’s existence.

“Back again so soon,” a voice called out of the shadows.

Cirvel stopped, turning slowly toward the woman’s voice. His heart raced, but he hoped not to show an ounce of his anticipation. Patience, he mentally commanded himself as if the word were a meditation mantra. He got the pleasure of watching her step out of the darkness into the light. She wore black now, not the skimpy dancer’s outfit he’d seen earlier. A grating tension scraped up his arms and spine, making him fight against the snarl that twitched on his lips. He forced it into a smile instead. He knew that he really should be pleased to see the ninja again; it gave him a chance to recover the lamp.

“Couldn’t stay away from the festivities, or were you coming back to take me up on my offer?” she asked, sashaying easily up to him.

Her eyes were blue, bluer than most skies he’d seen. They trapped and held him.

She stopped before him, her gaze now uneasily on Cirvel. He realized that he still had his novihomidrak lids down. No wonder she looked so vivid to him.

“Don’t blink them away.” She held up her hand, not quite touching his chest as she pulled closer to him.

He let her command him even though it forced him to go against the instincts rising through his chest, including the apprehension pouring down his arms. He found himself trembling. Yet he couldn’t look away from her blue eyes. They held him lost.

His mind tumbled.

Confusion frolicked across her face. The sight of it nearly made Cirvel laugh. He felt the threat of it bubble in his throat. One did not mock a ninja. Yet, her eyebrows furrowed as she studied him like she didn’t know what to make of him either. Random happenchance let them explore each other.

“Shall we find a bed now, or do we pretend we both were seeking each other for the lamp?” The words out of his mouth astonished him equally as much as they appeared to shock her.

“Presumptive, aren’t you?”

He could barely understand what she said to him.

With a hiss, he drew back. “You’re doing that, aren’t you? Manipulating my energy?”

“This may come as a surprise to you, but I’m not doing it. Check?” She stepped closer to him.

It took a moment for him to realize what she wanted him to check. Then he realized she meant he should check the Humline. His mouth opened in amazement.

“My name is Treshauna. I am a Black Night.”

“What do you want with the lamp?”

She grabbed onto him and yanked herself against him. “I thought you were going to take me to bed first.” She reached up on her toes and pressed her mouth against his.

“To business then.”


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Feeling a little romance in the air? Love deserves a second shot. 

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Progress – February 18, 2019

Let me here a big “Woo-hoo!”


Oh, yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. *grin*

I know, you want to know why you have to give a big congratulatory whoop. Here it is: I finished my read-though edits of Tangled Magic last week and got it to my reader. She, in turn, sent me back my story Alexander’s Den. Now I just have to edit up those corrections.

Books I ordered to restock my supply for Wizarding Dayz come in. I’ll be heading to Sandy, Utah, for that later this week. I hope the weather is good for driving there and back, as well as for my son who is coming home from Pocatello to help me with the show.

I finished the 18″x24″ painting I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks. I hope to have more on that later in the week — planning on doing the progression painting photos on the blog. We’ll see if I get there or if I’m too busy getting ready for the show.

Also spent some time in my booth getting audio recorded since I won’t be doing any for a couple of weeks.

Here are the numbers for this week:

Fiction words written last week:  4,206 words.

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  1,228 words.

Daily word goal reached for 191 days! Weekly word goal reached for 30 weeks.

Writing month to date total:  14,938 words

Writing year to date total: 40,102 words

Drawing/painting last week: As I said above, I finished my 18″x24″ acrylic landscape painting. I posted a photo of it online and it seems like people are enjoying it.

Audio: I spent 2 hours editing and recording audio. It was very slow because as I was merging in the dialogue for a chapter, I kept discovering missing lines. I tried to go onto another chapter, but I wasn’t ready for that any other chapter later on down the line either. So, I had to wait until I could find time to get back to it. But now I should be good again, so I can get back to work on that. It did give me some time to, oh, sleep and work on the edits for Tangled Magic. I think that’s the reason I got through the edits. I guess that’s one of the good things about doing multiple things.

Palladium – Chapter 1

New story – same rules.

This is pretty much first draft as it is written so far. When I went in and looked at the story to get the first chapter, I realized that I’ve written less than 50,000 words for it and there’s not a whole lot of “chapters.” I have it broken into chunks really. I know some of these run very long and some are short. I’ll try to get everything evened out, but that might not always be possible. I very nearly chickened out on this story because it is in such a sad state, but I figured what the heck. I might as well put it out there and see what happens.

Palladium. The word is pronounced PUH-LEY-DEE-UM. (Okay, phonics was the worst thing that ever happened to me in school. It never made sense to me and ever since then if I can’t break a word down like this, I’m hopeless. I hate pronouncing words that I don’t know and haven’t heard before because phonics just ruined me.)

Palladium is defined as anything that is believed to protect or offer safety; safeguard (as I learned thanks to’s word of the day). For now, that makes a good title.

I really wanted to have a cover reveal, but I didn’t have the time. In fact, I’m not certain this is even the final cover, but it will work for now. I had to rush it in order to get it done.

For those of you who have read at least through To Birth a Destiny, book 3 of the Sacred Knight series, or who followed through Onesong (now Tangled Magic and Walk the Path) when I put it out here on my blog about a year ago, you’ll be familiar with Lord Cirvel of Gohaldinest. Palladium comes before Steigan’s and Rivic’s story, This is basically the story of how Cirvel comes to Gohaldinest (well, more or less, but let’s not split hairs here when I don’t even know how the story will yet end). This takes place when Cirvel is a novihomidrak (new human born of the dragon) and a champion for the forces of good. (Yeah, I saw that grin — I know what you’re thinking: Cirvel, good? No possible way! This is what happens when readers love your villians — they want to know how they got that way. Cirvel, by tantalizing my artist-child along, is oh so willing to oblige).

This story is meant for new adult audiences. It is rather mature in nature, not that there’s anything really detrimental, but it certainly isn’t meant for readers under 17 as there is content of a sensual nature. If you are younger or prefer completely clean content, please go no further with this story.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Cover and layout copyright © 2019 by Morning Sky Studios
Cover design by Dawn Blair/Morning Sky Studios
Cover art copyright © Rodjulian |, ©
Xneo |, and © Gualtiero Boffi|


Chapter 1

by Dawn Blair

Cirvel walked through the marketplace, listening as the swirl of music got closer to him. The cries of “Opa!” made him smile though he tried not to. It seemed as if the three small, golden teapots hanging from his belt enjoyed the rhythm too, banging against his hips as he walked.

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Dragons of Wellsdeep – Chapter 26

This comes with a warning. This chapter is exactly as my artist-child gave it to me. Remember, she was ornery when she gave this to me.

It’s not terrible, but it decidedly feels like telling a story rather than showing a story. I love Stargate when they do the episode with Murray who is trying to put together a screenplay for the Wormhole Xtreme show he wants to film. “Hang the lantern” is a common phrase in our house because of that episode. That’s exactly what this chapter feels like — hanging the lantern in order to end the story.

Yes, my artist-child is a brat.

But this is it. This is the last chapter. Next week we will start something else.

Let’s get into the finish!

Dragons of Wellsdeep cover small
Cover and layout copyright © 2018 by Morning Sky Studios Cover design by Dawn Blair/Morning Sky Studios Cover art copyright © Ingus Kruklitis |, © Digitalstormcinema |, and © Kalcutta |

Dragons of Wellsdeep

Chapter 26

by Dawn Blair

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The death of romance

Yesterday I mentioned that there is a part of me that misses writing romance. I told you that today I would tell you why.

It has to do with something my mother told me.

It was during this one summer when I was about 14 or so. I’d found out about a contest for teen authors. Back then, no one wanted anything written by a kid, so I was always striving to make myself as professional as I could so publishers wouldn’t know I was just a kid. But when I saw this contest, I knew I had to go for it.

I had two months before the deadline. I accomplished about 80 pages in that time. Handwritten. Realizing I had only three days left before I had to mail the story and it still needed typed in proper manuscript format, I spent an entire night awake trying to finish this story. I wrote 40 pages overnight.

The next day, I enlisted my mother’s help to type the manuscript. She often helped my dad as his secretary and she’d had typing classes in school. I hadn’t gotten there, so I was a very slow typist at that time. I knew if I had to do it by myself, I wouldn’t get it in the mail soon enough. So I begged her to help me.

Sometime in the early afternoon, she got up to take a break. I was still typing away. She came to stand by me and her hand set gently on the page that I was typing up. I remember that she didn’t look at me right away. I stopped typing. She said to me, “You know, for someone that has never had a real relationship, you write very well about them.” Then she continued on into the kitchen to get her lemon lime soda pop.

I realized then that she wasn’t only typing my manuscript for me; she was reading it too.

I didn’t win the contest, but considering the length of time it took for me to get a response, I’ve always liked to think that I might have been among the finalists. It didn’t really matter though. My mother had given me a supreme compliment.

After that, she was always telling me that I needed to go write for soap operas. I very nearly did. Until I got dumb and found romance. Then I lifted that cover and saw that the romance of storybooks does not exist. Fortunately, I had good friends who saw that I was writing fantasy cake with romance icing and they convinced me that it was okay as long as I didn’t layer on that icing too thick.

I am foraying back toward romance a little. I have some great ideas involving my novihomidraks (new humans born of the dragons) that I want to write about. I wrote most of a book about a character named Siva and her novihomidrak, Rake, last year. There were some side characters in that story that nearly demanded that I work on their story next, but I convinced them that I wasn’t quite the writer that I needed to be in order to tell the story they wanted me to and that I needed more time. Believe me, I wasn’t lying to them and I’ve been working on techniques in other stories I’ve been working on so that I can get to where I need to be for their story. It’s going to be amazing. But Siva’s “romance” has to come first. I hope my readers forgive me for letting the icing get a little thick on these stories. It’ll be interesting to see how they all turn out. I’m excited about telling them and I love that we now live in a world where people don’t have to be constrained by genre. 

Oh, I’m also glad that I the two stories I’d spoken about yesterday didn’t get published as romances. They both came awfully close with publishers, but I now know why the universe took me out of the publishing arena when I got too close to achieving that dream. I wouldn’t have survived as a writer. 

As for the manuscript my mother helped me type all these years ago, I do still have the story. I’ve thought about typing it up and putting it online, but I’m afraid that with how much I’ve grown as an author I’d want to be cleaning it up too. I have too many stories like that already. Have I even mentioned my Silver City Seductress story? Yeah, I can laugh now, but there’s a part of me that wants to share that story. I keep trying to figure out if I can rewrite it as an alien sci-fi adventure. I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t dabbled with that. Someday I will have time to edit some of these older stories. I did that with Let’s Make a Deal. I added very little to that when I edited up and put it out to publication pasture. 

Enchantment’s Flame was the title of Elliot’s book back in the day. Maybe I’ll change the name of the character and put it out there some day. Now, if you ever see that title hit my roster, you’ll know.  

Until next time, happy adventuring!

Dragons of Wellsdeep – Chapter 25

This is the second to the last chapter. Next week will finish it up.

I know we’re all excited to see how the battle with the Grekish is progressing, so let’s get to it, shall we?


Dragons of Wellsdeep cover small
Cover and layout copyright © 2018 by Morning Sky Studios Cover design by Dawn Blair/Morning Sky Studios Cover art copyright © Ingus Kruklitis |, © Digitalstormcinema |, and © Kalcutta |

Dragons of Wellsdeep

Chapter 25

by Dawn Blair

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