Another task down

Another one of my priorities from my list is down. I've gotten the 8th Loki Adventure off to its first reader. Of course, that got me excited while I was setting up all the other tasks for that novella to go into publishing, I had to get started on a mockup cover to see what … Continue reading Another task down

Glove Quest – update

In my last post regarding Glove Quest, I mentioned that I'd report back when I had tried on the Thermasilk gloves I'd ordered to try on. Yeah, they were not successful. The small gloves fit my hands, but the color was white and I could see my skin right through them. By themselves, they didn't … Continue reading Glove Quest – update

Better late

I'd hoped to have this book out last year. Then it became April of this year. Then July. Then September. Yeah, not all of it was me, but some of it was. At last, I just had to knuckle down on this book and get it out. I decided it was the best I could … Continue reading Better late

Raking today

Well, the soreness from weeding my garden yesterday wasn't as bad as I feared. Yes, I woke up stiff and sore, but I'd taken valerian last night to relax the muscles. As soon as I got up and got moving it wasn't too bad. As if weeding yesterday wasn't enough, the weather cooperated enough for … Continue reading Raking today