Children’s Book – more progress

I thought I’d show another page from the children’s book I’m currently working on.



Yes, I’m having fun with this. I love the little egg on the left who’s screaming so much you can see all the way to his yolk. Probably a bad joke, but it’s mine.

I’m also enjoying see all the colors come into the illustrations. Since my program lets me see the thumbnails to the pages, I can get a glimpse of what the pages are going to look like all together.

Best yet, I’ve only been working on this for about half an hour each weekday so far and I’m glad to see the progress. Splitting my time between audio work and illustration first thing in the morning is letting me get a lot accomplished. Yes, scheduling the time to work on this has been the best thing.  Little by little, my massive recording project and my children’s book will get done!

Progress – December 11, 2017

(I have updated this blog as of 12/12/17 to include my numbers from my dictation done during the week.)

Right now, I’m wishing for an escape.

I feel as if I had a chance to put down one set of problems and pick up an entirely different set. In-between, since I was traveling, I got to listen to more of an audiobook I started in late October. I’d been missing the world from that story and was glad to finally get back to it. As soon as I got home, back to my typical set of problems, and discovered that someone had stolen my garbage can over the weekend (REALLY!!!), I found myself wanting to escape back to to the story world once more. I just don’t feel like participating much in life right now.

No worries. I know circumstances could always be worse. I’m very grateful that my problems are not permanent and can be fixed. Some things just take time.  Keeping a steady forward movement is all anyone can do.  You just have to keep walking forward one step at a time. All will be all right.

Just don’t look down.


Okay, enough of my complaining.

I spent time this week working on my website. I just wanted to have something simple put up before we start 2018. This will certainly work for now.

I didn’t much writing done. I did some dictation while I was traveling, but I haven’t had a change to transcribe it yet, so it’ll go into next week’s word count. (UPDATE: The numbers are now current and included.)

Trying to draw in the morning has been proving successful, so I’ll be keeping that up.

So, here are the numbers:

Fiction words written last week: 1,184 words – I think it’s been awhile since we’ve seen these numbers so low. (UPDATE: 4,609)

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  361 words

Writing month to date total:  3,031 words (UPDATE: 6,438)

Writing year to date total: 358,618 words (UPDATE: 362,043)

Drawing/painting last week: I spent about 3 hours working on my kids’ book. I’m currently re-sketching one page that just didn’t look right and it already looks better. So excited to be making forward progress on this.

Audio: Almost 3 and a half hours of editing audio. This has all be on Quest for the Three Books. Again, it’s nice to be feeling forward movement on it.