Writers – never stop learning

In a couple blogs lately, you've heard me talk about the classes I'm taking and short stories I've been writing for them. I haven't said much more than that. Well, writers, I have a deal for you. This week, WMG Publishing is offering 50% off all their classes this week. If you want to get … Continue reading Writers – never stop learning

So you want to be an indie?

I received an email from someone today asking my thoughts on a couple questions he had. I spent several hours replying to this email because it needed unpacked. Yet, at the end, he will have to make his own decisions. I thought I'd share a bit from that email here in case someone else needs … Continue reading So you want to be an indie?


I'm finally through with a section of Loki's newest adventure that was down right creeping me out. The story called for me to make Loki into something small. Very small. I contemplated several ideas before deciding on a spider. Yeah, that was before I had to start doing research on the type of spider I … Continue reading Shivers