Onesong – book #2 released

I am thrilled to let you all know that Walk the Path has been released. This is the second and final part in the Onesong series (unless I decide to also put Cirvel’s portion of the story into this series too — who knows!). Still, this completes Rivic’s adventure which started in Tangled Magic. You’ll see Rivic again in Prince of the Ruined Land (Sacred Knight #4).

Purchase Walk the Path in ebook or print from these and many other booksellers.

If you haven’t read Tangled Magic, your copy can be acquired from any of these retailers or more.

In other news, I believe I am done with The Missing Thread (Sacred Knight #5), but I’m trying to write a bit further into the 6th and final book in that series so that I can be sure that the series wraps up nicely.

Going to get back to it. Strangely, books don’t write themselves (and I fear the day that artificial intelligence is truly smart enough to do just that).

Protective Mythology

The community of Sun Falls is filled with strange people and creatures. Protective Mythology is my first short story set in this little homeowners community. I’m already at work on the second story in the series. I’m hoping that once I get this setting figured out a little better, I can actually write a short novel for it.

The idea for Sun Falls came into being one day when I was driving to Twin Falls. I was on the highway because the weather was bad. I much prefer traveling my back country roads. The snow had come down hard during the night. As I made the turn to head south for Twin Falls, the sign ahead of me was partially covered with snow. Instead of pointing out the directions to go for Sun Valley and Twin Falls, the snow only showed two words: Sun Falls.

Suddenly, I wanted to be out in a lovely little place where there was no snow and only sun covering everything. I could see the community all at once.

But, of course, being my story, I knew that something would be wrong. The first few hundred words or so came easily after that. Then it sat for a while. I recently came back to it when I discovered that I had 41 open projects on my list, Sun Falls being one of them. I saw myself falling down on #2 of Heinlein’s Rules and knew I had to fix that issue. This is good because not only do I get stories finished, but I get them out to readers when I do. (grin)

I’m glad to say that since I’ve decided to focus on finishing so many of my started stories, I’m now down to 35, though I have added a couple new projects, like the second Sun Falls story. And yes, that means many other cool stories are coming soon. For now, I give you Protective Mythology.

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Get your copy and start reading now at

I feel that I should mention that right now the ebook is only available, but the paperback will be coming soon.

For More Mischief, Listen Now

The long awaited 5th novella of my Loki series has arrived on audio. It’s not up everywhere.

I have to give a laughable side note here: I’ve seen warnings that ingestion of audiobooks at ACX and others are creating temporary delays with getting titles released. “Ingestion?” What is this? Mortal Engines? Maybe it’s a throwback to when the ex-husband said that his twins were “extracted.” Seriously? Extracted? That sounded so mechanical, like Luke and Leia’s extraction from Padme’. I would have hoped that his twins were born. Anyway, we couldn’t merely say that audio titles were being delayed at these distributors? Whatever. I had my laugh.

Back to Loki.

So, yes, For More Mischief, Call Loki is available. Some listeners have already found it in their library systems.

Here’s a list of places that I am finding it:


Google Play:



There are probably others, so check your favorite distributor to see if it’s available yet.

Now it is up to you to go and finish this story arc.

As a side note for my Loki fans, I do plan on recording the 6th novella, 1-800-IceBaby, in 2021. Also, the 7th novella, Help Wanted, Call Loki, will be publishing in early 2021. And I’ve started writing the 8th Loki novella. I am so excited that the stories continue.

About The Unicorn & the Secret

Martias wants to spend one night feeling at home under the pine trees of his native land. Being bound with a death sentence makes it hard to bring a friend along.

Martias seeks time away from his repetitive daily life of learning and memorizing lines. He doesn’t belong with the humans. Banishment from his centaur tribe means he can never see any of them again. Yet, the forest calls to him and makes him wonder how he can dedicate himself to this life when he feels so excluded.

After persuading his only friend, a young knight in training, to go with him for just one night, Martias longs for more, maybe even a glimpse of a centaur tribe. With some convincing that they might be able to see the knights they know in action, Martias and his friend head off toward a war going on somewhere among the mountains.

Being alone gets harder when running toward battle and perils around them grow. Death might not be the worse fate imaginable. Secrets found in a cave could keep Martias from returning to his quiet life.

The Unicorn and the Secret is the tale longed for by readers of the Sacred Knight series about how Martias’ friend got his unicorn. If you like epic, expanding fantasy worlds, then you’ll love Dawn Blair’s enchanting legend, whether you are just starting this fantastical series or you want to deepen your adventure.

Get your copy now and read over Thanksgiving.

The Unicorn and the Secret

One question I am often asked is how did Steigan get his unicorn.

I’ve always answered that it happened just like the story said it did: Steigan and Martias ran away to “join” the Palin Wars, Martias sprained his ankle, Steigan found Tyana, they got in trouble, they returned home in disgrace. From Steigan’s point of view, that’s exactly how it happened and all perfectly boring.

Okay, I feel that Steigan felt shame over the whole thing and didn’t want to talk about it. That’s exactly the kind of character that he is. Remember me having to go to Annae to get the other 40 cycles of his life that he won’t talk about?


I realized I’d have to approach another character to get this story. Of course, the only other character there other than the unicorn was Martias.

Well, here’s the thing: Martias wasn’t talking about this time either.

I slowly realized that Martias wasn’t talking about it out of shame like Steigan, but rather because he had something to hide.

While I was writing Prince of the Ruined Land, Martias and I got together quite often to have little heart-to-heart chats. In Quest for the Three Books, he always knew more than Steigan and when he caught on that Steigan was discovering the truth, Martias betrayed their friendship. Badly! By the time I got to Prince of the Ruined Land, I knew that Martias had to have spectacular reasons for doing what he was doing.

The problem with Martias is that he loves attention. He wanted me to know his secret. He wanted me to know that while he was grateful for Steigan’s friendship, he also held grudges against it. The way that Martias views Steigan… well, it’s different. Where Steigan wakes up to the revelation that Martias is not who he thinks his friend is, Martias always guarded his emotions to protect himself.

Finally, Martias dared to let me know that his life changed while he and Steigan were in the Palin Mountains. I knew that the only time they had been there together was when Steigan found Tyana, his unicorn.

Now, I share with you the secrets that Martias shared with me.

I realize this isn’t book 5 in the series as many people are waiting for, but I hope this helps to ease the wait somewhat. And, of course, it will give some insights into what is coming.

I hope you enjoy!

Happy reading.

Still shaking in my knees

This is a hard blog post for me to write.

Worse, I don’t know why.

Doesn’t matter though. This is still a post I’ve been avoiding to write.

90 Seconds to Courage is now available on Amazon.

Read on Kindle Unlimited

Even though it is out to the world, I still have major trepidations about it and I don’t know why.

I keep asking myself: will it help anyone? Will anyone have positive changes in their life because I took the step forward to put this out? Is it worthy? Is it too broad? Will anyone care?

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Riptide of emotions

I am writing this post after having finished writing my rant that went up on Monday. I have to say that my emotions are a little raw right now. The psychological distance is the reason why I usually save thoughts like that for my fiction.

But I know this feeling will soon pass.

Our bodies are meant to feel emotions. Chemicals, many of them constructed in the brain, are released to give our bodies the many varied sensations we feel. And it usually takes about two minutes for those chemicals to dissipate.

Already, I am beginning to feel better.

I suspect it would have taken longer for my emotions to level back out if I had continued to dwell on them.

This is why the news media latches onto a story and keeps repeating it over and over. It continues to flood the viewer with negative emotions which feed the irritation. This is why our society is getting angrier and we have so much bad going on. Solution: quit watching the news! No, seriously. Read headlines and ask yourself if you really want to invite a story into your life before reading. Don’t view any news. Read it. Choose what you read wisely. You can stay informed while not giving into the drama and trauma that our news outlets want you to surrender to. Don’t give them your energy.

All of life is about choosing how you wish to spend your life energy.

More importantly, YOU get to choose how you spend your energy. Don’t give it to someone who is willing to influence you in the way they want. You make your own choices.

This is the essence of my book coming out in October, 90 Seconds to Courage.

Coming October 13, 2020

People aren’t taught how to flow with their emotions and their energy, or how to focus them into their lives. I really do believe though that humanity needs to mold itself differently and that is only going to happen one person at a time; only you can choose the person you wish to be.

Do you want to be full of anxiety? How about anger? Jealousy? Fear?

I honestly believe many people choose these states. It makes them victims. Then they can have other people’s sorrow, which feeds their justification for living a lackluster life as well as supporting their addictions.

But you can change this. You can quit letting negative, ill-gotten emotions control your life. All it takes is understanding these emotions being chemicals released from your brain and a little courage to live a better life.

The Stardust Collection

The Stardust Collection has recently been released. This boxed set contains Alexander’s Den, Mystery of the Stardust Monk, and Stardust all in one nice ebook.

These stories follow the journey of an unhatched dragon egg as it passes back into the possession of another dragon, then gets chased through the galaxy by a teen who is strangely attached to it, until it finally hatches and is saved by a orphaned girl.

As is typical, there are many more stories I wish to write which tie into this. I want to tell the story of Thomis finding the egg and also the stories of Reila and Stardust roaming the Wells of the Onesong together, but I’ll start here. Moonhunter is a main character in Mystery of the Stardust Monk and he also makes a cameo appearance in Stardust. His story, Dragons of Wellsdeep, is coming soon. I love this day and age we live in where I can tell the stories I want to and to publish them as I wish. Now, I just need more time to write!

Uploaded on the 4th of July

To m American readers: Happy 4th of July! Please stay safe and sane.

New release update!

This was a story I wrote a couple years ago. It ran here on my blog for a week, then turned back into a pumpkin. I held onto it. I just didn’t feel it was ready to go out into the world at since then.

Our planet has had some trying times lately. COVID, racial violence, suicides, and all manner of things that the news likes to spew around. (I will keep my personal opinion out of this, I swear! – that’s a chant I’ve been saying to myself for 2 days now when I’ve tried to write this post.)

As it turned to July, I started thinking about this story. I don’t know why it popped into my mind, perhaps because of the title, and I laughed at myself that another year was going to pass without me being able to release it.

That’s when I got the sense I’d be releasing it on the 4th.

Here it is July 1st and I’m thinking of releasing a story I hadn’t looked at in nearly two years within three days.

Thank goodness the story is very short!

As I was reading through it, I saw why I needed to release it now. I think the story reflects the demoralized feeling many in the world have today and gives a message of hope.

Uploaded on the 4th of July was born out of a “fear” I had two years ago, along with some of my own personal feelings. At that time, we approached the 1 year mark for my father’s passing. I feel like this story helped me purge some of the emotions from my system and refocus. I hope that those who go and read this story have the same kind of healing I experienced.

For the moment (and this could change in the future), Uploaded on the 4th of July is only available on Amazon as an ebook. You can read for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription, otherwise the ebook is only $0.99.

As an added bonus, there is a sample of Tangled Magic.

Keep believing that everything will work out in the end. Tough times come around and we must go through them as best we can. We may have different skin colors and different customs, but we are humans and we are all that humanity has. Be excellent to each other.

P.S. This was actually uploaded on July 3rd, but let’s not split hairs. (grin!)

Palladium – Chapter 42

Tomorrow sees the release of the ebook version of Tangled Magic. It has developed so much since I was running it here on the blog as Onesong. In fact, it still continues to grow and change as I discovered another scene that I wanted in Walk the Path, the coming sequel to Tangled Magic. It’s fascinating to watch a story expand and deepen.

While Tangled Magic is still a day away from release, you don’t have to wait to get a story fixed. Let’s get you to Palladium.

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Chapter 42

by Dawn Blair

Chapter 42 has now turned back into a pumpkin. If you missed it, click on the banner above to go to the current posts for my blog. There’s another free story or story excerpt somewhere around my blog – I try to post something new every week. Hunt the story down, read, and enjoy!




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