Progress – November 19, 2018

Another week done. I really, really, really can’t believe we’re nearing the end of this year so quickly.

My son came home from college over the weekend. It’s good to have him back; the house feels full again. I’ve been torturing him about branding/logos. We’ve been working mine over. He’s currently told me to “go sleep on it” so I can give our developments some space and I can review them accurately with fresh eyes. He’s right, but dang it, I’m too much of a bulldog. Once I get into something, I like to get it done. Otherwise, I’m likely to be bored and not come back. I know myself all too well. But, I’ll hope he can keep me on task now.

He’s become such an amazing adult. Both my boys are. And yes, it’s hard to believe they are both full blown adults now. They still feel like my young babies. It’s weird. *grin*

I have so much to get done over the next few weeks. There’s a special promotion deal I’m going to be in during December — more on this later. I also have 1, maybe 2 shows to do in December. Just for these two things alone I have quite a list. But there’s so much more I want to get in before December hits. Hence why getting the branding/logos done are so important; I have a lot of things to get set up before the end of the year. I’m really trying to breathe about several things in my life, but this mostly.

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Framing Options

I was reading in a couple artist magazines and I believe it was in The Artist’s Magazine I found an article on z-shaped mounting clips. Now I’ll be the first to say that I don’t get framing. It’s a skill I haven’t undertaken to learn yet. In fact, I recently made the decision to paint the sides of my canvases so that my paintings didn’t need to be framed.

So why was I all excited about this, excited enough to blog about it?

Because I learned the way to keep paintings inside their frames with these clips. This has been my biggest issue with framing – how to keep the painting from falling out the frame. I know nothing about framing, remember? So this was a neat discovery.

I didn’t find anything when I did a Google search, but I’m persistent. I finally did find something at Jerry’s Artarama called “off-set clips” and with another Google search, I verified that they are the same things. Right now, you can get a set of 100 on sale for $5.00. I might have to buy a box or two. Of course, then I have to get frames, which means I’d have to learn how to frame.

Maybe along with, “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” I can add to my resume, “Which came first: the frames or the off-set clips?” Just kidding!

Okay, I know you want to know what my answer would be. Here it is. You ready? My answer to “Which came first: the frames or the off-set clips?” is:

“The paintings, of course!”