Children’s Book Page

Here’s a page done on my children’s book this week. 

I have changed the color of the counters throughout the story. More changes will be coming in sure. 

Have a happy and safe weekend as you get ready for the holidays. 

Progress – 05/29/17

Fiction words written last week: 4.133 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  4,592 words

Writing month to date total: 26,161 words

Writing year to date total: 130,315 words.

Drawing/painting last week: 0 square inches painted.

Illustration year to date total: 131.25 square inches.

Audio: I spent 8+ hours on recording and editing  audio.

Week’s happenings:  I feel like the main reason my word count was up this week is because I started writing a non-fiction book. It’s one I’ve toyed with over the years and I’ve already written massive amounts of material for. I kept dropping it though, thinking that I’d rather be writing fiction and feeling as if I didn’t have my own angle for it. That angle came this week. I’m even thinking about incorporating my Rockin’ Life comics into them. As I was writing this post, I went back to Rockin’ Life and realized that I had started something (I thought was) pretty cute. This was actually what I had decided to do as an early version of my non-fiction book; maybe I just really need to get back to my original idea. What do you thing?

I’ve been listening to The Doorway Prince trying get the audio finalized. I keep finding things that need fixed. Argh! What a project.

The boys and I spent the weekend at Anime Oasis. Again, it was a fun time to listen to the voice actors. I even got a few helpful tips for my own audio work.  I also bought some new artwork from one of the artists in Artist Alley. One picture held so much grief in it, that I wanted to cry right along with the character. I know that I have to bring Steigan right to this point as well, so it will be hanging in my office as a reminder.  It’s always a success when an artist can bring such emotions into the viewer.

Well, still hoping to finish the audio for The Doorway Prince this week and get it uploaded. Then, my next project will hopefully get me to doing some drawing as well. More on that later. But, for now, I better get back to it.

ACEO of the Day – October 13, 2015

Magical Clouds #2015-31 2.5"x3.5" on bristol board Dawn Blair ©2015 Coming soon to eBay
Magical Clouds #2015-31
2.5″x3.5″ on bristol board
Dawn Blair ©2015
Coming soon to eBay

Last week was a whirlwind! I ended up driving through 4 states in 3 days (35+ hours) for a business opportunity I couldn’t quite pass up. It’s one of those things that I’d asked the Universe for, then I’d been given the ability to grab it. There was a lot of fear in doing it too. It doesn’t help that I’m such an impetuous creature too. Part of me really wishes that I hadn’t taken any time to stop and think about it, but I did because I didn’t want to get too rushed and that’s when the fear leaped in. Fortunately I was far too committed by the time that happened so I had no choice but to proceed.

So, what is this big opportunity? Well, I’m not ready to unveil it yet. (Yes, my dear fiction readers, I do love the cliffhanger, don’t I?) I just need a moment to recover from all of it. I haven’t really had a chance to stop and rest yet because I had so much to deal with when I got back and more “life stuff” happening this week.

Maybe that’s why I felt the need to show this card today. I like these little islands just floating in the clouds. Keeping it light. I keep hoping that every morning when I wake up, my limbs won’t feel so heavy. I’m ready to have my energy back and not to feel so tired. It will come.

ACEO of the Day – September 18, 2015

Fairy Lights  3.5"x2.5" on bristol board Dawn Blair ©2015
Fairy Lights
3.5″x2.5″ on bristol board
Dawn Blair ©2015

I have to give my ACEO of the day to this one called Fairy Lights. Over the Labor Day weekend, I had it entered in a local art contest and it won 2nd place in the miniature division. Here’s the ACEO in its frame with it’s red ribbon.

Dawn Blair_contest ribbon

Also entered in the contest was The Queen’s Venture and it won 3rd place in it’s division. Woo hoo!

The Queen's Venture 36"x18"on wrapped canvas Dawn Blair ©2013
The Queen’s Venture
36″x18″on wrapped canvas
Dawn Blair ©2013

I don’t think I’ve ever showed The Queen’s Venture here, so enjoy. I love looking at it every morning. It currently is part of my personal collection and hangs in my bedroom. One day while it was hanging for the show, I woke up in a panic because my painting wasn’t there on the wall. Really! It scared me for a moment until I figured out that I’d already delivered it for the show. As soon as I got the painting home, it went right back in it’s spot. Yep, I’m definitely not ready to part with this painting. Well, that’s my story about The Queen’s Venture.

ACEO of the Day – September 2, 2015

Lantern #2015-14 3.5
Lantern #2015-14
3.5″x2.5″ on bristol board
Dawn Blair ©2015

I also like painting lanterns. This ACEO has ruffle cut sides — I don’t do them often. Here’s a picture:

I'm holding my ACEO so you can see ruffle cut sides - cool, don't you think? Lantern #2015-14 3.5
I’m holding my ACEO so you can see ruffle cut sides – cool, don’t you think?
Lantern #2015-14
3.5″x2.5″ on bristol board
Dawn Blair ©2015

Available now on eBay.