Cover reveal: Dragons of Wellsdeep

I hope you’ve been enjoying Mystery of the Stardust Monk each week. Next up in a couple of weeks will be Dragons of Wellsdeep. Much like when I started posting Onesong, the story isn’t completely finished yet and what you’ll be seeing is an unfinished version of it.

Yes, you get to see all the mistakes in their grandeur. (grin) It’s a true look at how I work.

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Two new covers

If you’ve been reading along with Ninjas: By the Numbers during the month of April, you saw on each post the picture that I thought would be the cover. I had a thought that I’d try something a little different with it and that didn’t work out. But like Bob Ross, I had a “happy accident” with it. I think it’s definitely the touch I needed for the cover. Here’s the updated cover:

By the numbers cover small

If you missed part (or heaven forbid, all of it!), you can get the full version in print or ebook here.

I also sat down yesterday and made the cover for Prince of the Ruined Land (Legend 4 of the Sacred Knight series). Here’s a peek at it:

Prince of the Ruined Land cover small

I still don’t have an official release date for it, but that will be announced shortly. I’m betting I will figure something out this week. All I keep thinking is that my blue and gold hero is back so Holy Sapere Martias better watch out. (grin) Yeah, I’m a little EXCITED!!!!! Best yet, with the new rate at which I’m writing, it won’t be long until we get Legend 5 in the series. Are we there yet? (Okay, I admit, when it comes to Steigan and his story, I’m unbearable. Sorry, DWS, but Steigan is my special snowflake; I can’t help it.) He just jazzes my world and I am so thankful that I get to share his story.

There will be so much more in my progress post tomorrow, but I just couldn’t wait to share these updates with you. Thank you for being here to celebrate with me! And if you’ve been enjoying my stories, remember to spread the joy of reading as entertainment with all the people in your life.

Manifest the Magic book cover

I’m currently painting the cover for Manifest the Magic, book 2 in the Sacred Knight series. It’s due out on December 20th. I admit I was starting to get a little worried about this cover because I had no ideas for it.

I was starting to wonder if this cover would challenge me. It took me three months to paint the cover for the 1st book, The Three Books, just because of fear. When I actually did jump in and start painting it, it ended up not being so hard to do. Looking back at it now, there are a few things I would change just because I’ve grown and learned more as an artist, but I realize that I have to move on. It was time for this painting and I was beginning to feel like I was letting myself grow short on time so I wouldn’t face fear paralysis for three months. I just had no ideas for the 2nd book cover.

Then it happened. That magic which is creation. I had a preliminary seed of an idea. Only as I was developing it did I realize that I also needed to do the cover for book 3. Since books 2 and 3 are essentially one story arc, of course I had to work on the covers together.

As of my writing this, the cover is not yet finished. However, I do invite you on over to my Facebook art page to look at the progression paintings. More will be posted, so “like” the page so you can notified when more pictures are posted. See you there!

Sacred Knight cover finished

Sacred Knight: The Three Books — coming April 28, 2011! Come see the book cover.

I know I promised a post about equity. Sorry. Didn’t happen. I had computer problems. I actually had to go get computer help. How often does that happen? Only when I’m trying to get something done. Fortunately, it was a quick fix and I’m up and running again. Actually, I’m running better than before! So, now I can really get things done.

Since I didn’t have a computer for part of the weekend, I got the cover finished for Sacred Knight: The Three Books. Check out the Sacred Knight blog to see the cover and/or check out the painting process over on my Facebook art page.

See, much more fun that writing about equity, right?