Investigating Cauldron Fred

Greetings and salutations. Dawn Blair here, your multi-dimensional, time-traveling tour guide, and today I’m adventuring out to learn more about Cauldron Fred and the flying hatchets of death. Mentioned twice in the Quest for the Three Books, we never get to see Cauldron Fred to learn who he is. Obviously this man had an impact on the lives of Dominus Steigan and Sapere Martias, but in what way?

Character profile.png

I traveled today to New Lilinar with the sole purpose of learning the answer to that question. Of course, I didn’t have a scheduled an appointment, so I couldn’t get in to see Holy Sapere Martias. Apparently if I wasn’t the person delivering his daily muffin, he didn’t have time for me. When I was told that it would be several weeks of waiting before I could get an appointment with the Holy Sapere, I decided that I would just take this into my own hands.

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