Field of care

A ghost rose in front of me this morning and gave to me a “field of care.”

Yes, this is going to take a little explaining.

It’s apparent to most people who talk to me, follow my blog, or generally interact with me in one way or another that Loki writes the stories through me. I’ve said before that I’m not clever or funny enough to write his stories. I’m glad he chose me to be his author.

And I’ve often said that I trust the process of writing. Again, I’m just not clever enough nor do my plans ever work out as I make them, so there is no way I could have plots come together like they do. I’m always trying to get words down rather than make them up.

With all that out of the way, let me get to what happened yesterday at the convention.

I was talking to a lady about Diane Wynn Jones because she had a Calcifer shirt on. She told me she had ready the book, Howl’s Moving Castle. So we chatted for a bit. (PS come see me today at FanX Salt Lake)

This morning, I was wishing that I’d mentioned Enchanted Glass to her, another book by Jones which was published shortly before her death. It was probably one of the last books she saw. In Enchanted Glass, the main character inherits a “field of care” from his grandfather. Throughout the story he spends time walking around his field and overcoming obstacles. Only once he has full accepted his “field of care” does he come into his full power.

Here’s where the ghost comes in.

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Rockin’ Life page 5 has been posted

I sometimes feel like I might be being a little too blunt with Rockin’ Life. I know I’m assertive and I’ve had some people take that as aggression. I just can’t understand why anyone would want to be “normal” or “average.” What is that anyway? Who makes the benchmark on an ordinary, average life? Is keeping up with the Joneses normal?

Here’s a case in point: The Lego Movie. The hero just wants to fit in, to not be alone, to have friends. Everything he does is geared to being part of the crowd, which he isn’t. He’s following other people’s formula’s and trying to be one of the gang. As the movie progresses, we find out that his being just like everyone else and wanting a place in the world is what makes him special. Really, being a nobody who wants to be just like everybody else is a superpower? Being average is okay? According to that movie it is. I left the theater feeling depressed. My kids were saying how spectacular it was and were all excited — “When’s the second one coming out?” — and I just wanted to crawl inside my car and cry. School makes us all sheep, we struggle to find our place in the world, we want to be liked, we want to possess things and keep up with our friends, we get jealous when someone has something we don’t. I know. I’ve felt these things too. I remember being the outside, the ghost no one paid any attention too. I understand what the invisible girl in Buffy the Vampire Slayer went through as she faded away. But then I realized that I wanted more. I didn’t want to be average.

I want to be a ROCKSTAR!

To hell with average. Blah! Oh, and while we’re at it, I have no desire to save the world either. I believe we’re all here for our own lessons, whatever they might be. For a deeper understanding, go read Mike Dooley’s work — he’s got a great way of explaining it.

But what I do want to do is SAVOR the world. We have a truly beautiful world and we should enjoy it. In joy.

If we’d all wake up and realize that we are to be rockstars “in joying” ourselves while we learn how to be the creators we are, that’s when we’ll save the world and we can all savor together.

Legendary Hero Comics

After much consideration, I decided to start a website for my comics – Legendary Hero Comics.  Right now there isn’t much on it and there’s still a lot to be done.

What you will find there right now is the reboot of my Weblinks comic — I’m redoing the toning and some of the artwork as I go along. I don’t know how much correction work I’ll do because it’s also important for me (and others who want to do a comic but are afraid to start) to see how I’ve progressed.

Also there is a new “comic” called Rockin’ Life. I’ll let you check it out for yourself to see what it’s about.

Hopefully as things start to build and link together, I’ll get the website more functional too.

The grand scheme of it is to eventually publish the Sacred Knight comic and a couple comics I have as assorted stories related to Sacred Knight as well as Sabriel’s Angel (which is a story related to Weblinks).

Well, here’s to heroes that don’t want to be common but rather legendary!

The Change — Part 2

So here I stand, with the transformed painting mentioned in my last blog, and either I have another failure or a success. I admit, I’m a little nervous. I get nervous easily! Grin.

I fully accept that every painting is not necessarily a masterpiece, nor would I want it to be. If they were, I wouldn’t have a challenge. I like to see my skills growing. I came across a quote some time ago about if something was still growing, you knew it was still alive — I’ll blog on that sometime in the future I’m sure.

Okay, here it is: Raising a Buck transformed into a new painting…

He Who Holds the Key 20″x24″ acrylic on wrapped canvas Dawn Blair ©2014
He Who Holds the Key
20″x24″ acrylic on wrapped canvas
Dawn Blair ©2014

The flowers are gone and a more fall atmosphere has claimed the stage. The deer is basically the same through I did brighten him a bit more. The biggest change is the key hanging from his antlers.

A key?

Yes, you see that golden key there. Ah, yes, there’s a story.

I sat for days looking at this painting, wondering what I could do to this painting. I knew I had to do something to make it my own, something with my fantasy style to finish the transformation. It was right there, so close…

So elusive!

I had an idea for something mysterious, but when I sketched it in with charcoal on the canvas, I didn’t like it. It didn’t feel right.

Then I thought about a key, similar to the ones I’ve been painting recently with the vines, which would hang from his antlers.

Before I even got it painted on, I realized that this key held more symbolism than I had originally thought. It feels like so many people in our world today are looking for the golden key to make everything perfect in their life. If only they had the time to figure out what they need to do, or figure out who to be with, or figure out how to have more time. We feel as if something special is locked away from us. We just need to find the key and then everything will be wonderful and fixed.

The reality is that “our key” is always right there beside us. We don’t have to go looking very far. Many gurus even say that we never have to look outside of ourselves for our answer, that what we need is already inside us. I don’t disagree. But this deer is symbolic of how we look around and the answer is forever elusive. We can feel it, maybe even catch a glimmer of it, but can we grasp it?

So, for what it’s worth, my painting transformed and I found a new piece of myself within. I hope you like the change too.

The Change – Part 1

Failed paintings… all artists have them and it seems like the more you “learn” the more failed paintings you have.  Remember this painting:

Raising a Buck  20X24X″ acrylic on canvas Dawn Blair ©2010
Raising a Buck
20″x24″ acrylic on wrapped canvas
Dawn Blair ©2010

Okay, I admit, it was called “Raising a Buck” for more than one reason. I thought if I painted something a little more “normal” that I might be able to sell it out here in Idaho.

Then came the embarrassment. I had it hanging at shows and person after person kept telling me, “Nice deer. Too bad they don’t really have antlers like that when the spring flowers are out.” I so obviously didn’t know my subject!

So I shoved the painting away. I knew some day I could paint over the canvas and do something new. I just had to wait for the right day — you know, the one where the Muse comes and taps on your shoulders and says, “Hi, honey, let’s get to work.” Yeah, that day.

I was starting to wonder if it would ever come.

Then I came across Brandon Schaefer’s YouTube channel. Since you already know that I love to know how other artists work, you’ll know I was fascinated by the videos he has of his working and thoughts. One of those was a video on what to do with failed paintings. Yeah, I have one or two (or fifty) of those! So I watched and I’d like to share with you now:

Well, that’s when the Muse settled in on my shoulder and said, “Hi, honey! Let’s get to work!”

Coming up next: Raising a Buck transformed…

Seeing Beyond

Cosmin Eye  4″x 2″ acrylic on canvas Dawn Blair ©2013 Sold Other works available at
Cosmic Eye
4″x 2″ acrylic on canvas
Dawn Blair ©2013
Other works available at

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there. You must go beyond them.” — Bruce Lee

What are you seeing in your life today? Do you need a new way to look at things, a new perspective? Climbing up to the next level is rarely easy or fun, but if you don’t push your own limits, neither will anyone else. Like happiness, pushing your skills is something only you can do. 

Do you want to know just how high you can fly? Do you want to know how good you can be? Or are you done, never daring to push on? 

I can understand being tired, wanting to throw in the towel. But in the end, I know I can never stop being a creative person. It’s in my blood. I will always have to writing, or painting, or doodling, or whatever calls to my soul at any given moment even if I never share it with the world. I’m just thankful I live in a day and age where I can share my thoughts and ideas with you without the gatekeepers that use to be in place. So, when I really think about it, I hope I keep doing what I love until it’s my time to pass from this world into the next. May I never rest too long on a plateau. Let me keep learning and growing until my last heartbeat. With my last breath, may I whisper, “Thank you” to the world that supported me throughout. Even then, I hope my stories and artwork will live to inspire generations to come. 

If I could see into the years beyond, that is what I would wish for.


If nothing ever changed…

If you know the quote, finish it now with me, “…there would be no butterflies.”

Very good. 🙂

A dear friend of mine found this quote on some cards and some magnets. She was telling me about it and saying that she wanted a larger size.

That very night, I was walking around a thrift store and found a homemade card that was already framed up. I kid you not — that very night. I had to rush it over to her house. She wasn’t home, so I left it on her doorstep. Imagine her surprise when she came home and found it. She was even more shocked when I told her that I hadn’t made it for her, that I had found it.


Thoughts become things?

Butterflies are beautiful, wonderful, and delightful. They change from one creature into something entirely different.

Take a moment to ponder the changes that have occurred in your life. Aren’t most of them beautiful and wondrous, maybe even downright miracles?

Why is it then that we fear change so? Maybe we aren’t sure what we will become. How about we stop fearing the unknown and embrace the fact that we can go through a change and become something better than we are now? Let’s give that a try, shall we?