New items in my Zibbet store

When I’m not out riding my bike around the valley, or scaling the mountain to Gohaldinest, or having coffee with Loki, or some other adventure, I’m busy working on my artistic business. That in and of itself could be an all-consuming task.

Recently (as in tonight), I’ve been updating the books in my Zibbet store. You can now order your copy of Eggs at Play, Mystery of the Stardust Monk, Let’s Make a Deal, 1-800-CallLoki, and 1-800-IceBaby. I don’t have physical copies of Let Make a Deal and 1-800-CallLoki quite yet, but I will soon. As for 1-800-IceBaby, I probably won’t have my copies until early September. I am planning on having them for FanX Salt Lake. However, if I were to get enough pre-orders, I would be tempted to order early just so I’m not trying to ship books out and get ready for a show all in the same week. Just saying.


Use code SHINYNEW to get 10% off your order of $20 or more. (offer good until August 15th)

Paintings will be updated in my Zibbet shop soon too. Not quite sure when I’ll get to those, but I do hope I can get some posted this week. It’s on my plan at least.

Time to run. Steigan is about to have an important conversation with Aeribela, so I’ve got to get there.

Happy adventuring.

Tick-Tock Tuesday


While my Valentine’s Day Tick-Tock Tuesday was a special one (just because I was feeling the love – ahh!), this is February’s real Tick-Tock Tuesday. Today is a special day for me. February 28th has a deep meaning to me. No, I’m not going into why. It just does. The fact that it fell on a Tuesday means you get lucky!

For today only, everything in my Zibbet store is 20% off. No code needed. Lucky you! Happy you! Enjoy.

News Flash — Coupon!

Hi, everyone.

I just posted a coupon for use in my Boundless Gallery store. You get to save $30 on all purchase over $100. That’s in addition to free shipping.

Better hurry though — I’ve also added several dates for my art to be showcased there. Your favorite pieces might not last. You certainly don’t want your art hanging on someone else’s walls, do you? Don’t let it get away.

Oh, the coupon code: use MAKE2009 at checkout to get your $30 off!