Cover reveal: Dragons of Wellsdeep

I hope you’ve been enjoying Mystery of the Stardust Monk each week. Next up in a couple of weeks will be Dragons of Wellsdeep. Much like when I started posting Onesong, the story isn’t completely finished yet and what you’ll be seeing is an unfinished version of it.

Yes, you get to see all the mistakes in their grandeur. (grin) It’s a true look at how I work.

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Onesong – Tangled Magic cover

I promised a cover reveal yesterday.

After much thought, I decided the title should be Tangled Magic, but if you know the publishing industry, you know that titles are never completely set in stone (and neither are covers). Walk the Path was a nice idea and would have reflected in the book, but that means someone won’t really be attached to the title until they finish it and see the repetition. Titles need to be part of the draw, part of what makes readers pick up the book. Yeah, I learned a few lessons in titling The Three Books and changing it to Quest for the Three Books. It needs to evoke questions in the reader. Walk the Path equaled, “What path? Who’s walking it? Why?” But Tangled Magic has more of that pull: “Why is the magic tangled? Who tangled it? What does it mean to be tangled? What happens when it’s tangled? Is it like Ghostbusters where it’s bad if they cross the streams?” 

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