New development on Onesong

It’s been an interesting couple of days for Onesong.

I finalized the cover idea for Onesong. I’ve basically spent time the last two mornings on it — time I usually reserve for audiobook work and editing, but my artist child wouldn’t leave me alone. I am still working on the title, though I think I have it now. Not completely sure. I want to live with it for a moment.

I have also been looking at where to divide the story. I suspect it’ll be two novels, each about 70,000 words. Looking at the dividing point, it would be somewhere around chapter 20 and I do have a great spot. It’s where Nyree tells Rivic to walk the path.

It was as I woke up this morning that I realized Walk the Path might make a good title for it. I am still open to suggestions though. If any of you, especially the readers who have been with me since near the beginning, have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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Let’s Make a Deal – cover

As I said on Monday, I worked very hard on covers last weekend.

The other cover I completed along with Mystery of the Stardust Monk which I featured yesterday, is this one for a short story I have tentatively titled “Let’s Make a Deal.” Back when I wrote it, my critique partner at the time said it made a much better title than the bland one I’d given it called “Ice Nymphs.” Yeah, bad author naming. I hope giving titles to stories is something I’m getting better at. I know I’m far from perfect. I have The Missing Thread for crying out loud! (grin)

Let’s make a deal, shall we? Okay, let’s look at the cover and I don’t want to hear anyone screaming at me, “LOKI!” Deal?


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Mystery of the Stardust Monk – cover

I promised you a first look at some of the covers I’ve been working on. I’m still not happy with what I’m coming up with for The Missing Thread — I just can’t find what I want. But, Mystery of the Stardust Monk is the next story I hope to have out, so let’s talk about that one instead.

So this story is a sort of prequel to Stardust. When I have Dragons of Wellsdeep out, Mystery of the Stardust Monk will actually fall in-between the two. The story is about Moonhunter find the orb that they give up in Stardust.

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Prince – Stick a fork in it

It’s done.

The manuscript for Prince of the Ruined Land is done.

Well, more accurately, I am done tying it all back out after ripping it to shreds and making it not look like Frankenstein’s monster.

I am currently up to chapter 5 in my final read-through and I haven’t made any major changes. Still making some minor tweaks as I go along, but it’s usually the changing of a word or a phrase — not the major changes to scenes as it has been for the last couple of weeks.

Last night, I also started the character list for the book and I worked on tweaking the cover again thanks to some issues pointed out to me (Thank you, Sean!). I still need to work on the map too.

Prince of the Ruined Land cover small

It will be ready for release on time.

I’m so excited (and a little nervous). How about you?