Progress – December 18, 2017

I have felt cold all week. It’s like I’ve been put into hibernation mode so that I can stay in one place and stay warm. The inversion we had nearly all week long certainly wasn’t helping.

With it being cold, my writing office is closed off to help the rest of the house stay warmer. When it gets this cold, it’s best to close that section off. I could have probably opened it back up this weekend as it got warmer, but I decided not to for now. Once it warms up out of the 20’s, then I can get back to in it. Until then, I’ve got my chair (my Christmas present to myself last year when it got cold and I wanted to continue writing) in the living room. I don’t get as much done with the distractions (such as the video games playing and me watching them instead of keeping my fingers moving over the keys). But, I have to be warm, so it’s a sacrifice I must make. I just don’t handle being cold. Someday, central heating will be a thing in my life. (grin)

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