Searching the stars

Last year I started painting galaxies on star-shaped magnets. I did about 12 of them. Each one turns out so differently. It’s exciting to see what happens and fun to use these as practice to expand, experiment, and practice the technique. There is so much more that I want to try out.

Cosmic galaxy star magnets
© 2020 Dawn Blair

These are my first batch for 2020.

I have a feeling that I’ll be creating a lot more of these star magnets this year, hopefully more than 12. (grin) I am also thinking about doing simple tree and sky paintings on heart-shaped magnets too, much like the ACEO’s I started out painting, but I haven’t made that commitment yet.

The reason I haven’t started on that is because there’s another avenue I’m also contemplating exploring. And I know that every time something is added, something else needs to be removed. There is only so much time. And I have to decide which is more important.

This other avenue: working more on Bristol board, possibly including charcoal/pencil work as well as paint. I know that to some this might not seem like a very exciting decision, but for me it was something I was thinking about most of last year; I just didn’t get started on it. All I can say there is that the time didn’t feel right; another one of those “trust the process” things.

What changed?

Star magnet 2020-4
© 2020 Dawn Blair

I’m not very certain. Maybe I’m just reaching for the stars. Maybe I am another year older. Maybe I just like working on Bristol. Quite frankly, I do painting on Bristol and I want to get better at it, so there’s no time like the present. Is there another reason?

Possibly. But I think those I stated are enough.

If you’re interested in getting your own magnet, check them out on one of my stores. Free shipping. Stay tuned because more are coming!

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Progress – June 25, 2018

Hail, fellow adventurers.

I don’t know about you, but last week was a bushwhacking week. Some incredible high points (so lows too, but balance in all things, right?) Whew!

Let’s see… I got my print copy of Eggs at Play. That was fun.

Some people have also already noticed that the next Loki novella, 1-800-IceBaby is up for pre-order. It will officially be available August 28th. Spread the word!

1-800-icebaby front small
Cover and layout copyright ©2018 by Morning Sky Studios
Cover design by Dawn Blair/Morning Sky Studios
Cover art copyright © Ileana – Marcela Bosogea – Tudor |, © Maglara |, © Phive2015 |

PS. That word is “mischief.”

(insert Loki’s laughter here)

Yeah, he’s a bit excited too. 

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Show up!

This was once again a reminder for me. Show up!

You must show up for things that you want to do. You have to. If you want to do something but aren’t showing up to do it, then you are just dreaming.

Are you dreaming and not doing?

Do you realize that if you’re dreaming, you’re not taking action? Okay, yes, you probably know this on a “no duh” level, but do you understand it through and through? Do you get it way down deep in your gut? There is a difference. Many “change your life” books tell you to start living your dream to the extent that you can, so you can live “as if.” Well, if you’re not showing up, you’re not taking those steps to live as if you were already where you want to be.

More importantly, if you aren’t choosing to show up for the things you want to do, you are choosing something else. Are you really sure you think you want to be doing the things you believe you want to be doing? Really? Or are those other things in your life more important and more what you really want to be doing?

Showing up is the proof.

Dreamers, dream!

I’ve been feeling a little guilty since my last post. After all, who am I to shoot down someone’s dream?

I still think I was mostly right. Feel free to disagree if you want.

Let’s say, however, that I wanted to get a painting into the Louvre or the Smithsonian. Straight up, let me as you if you think my art is going to qualify to belong in either of these museums. So, what do you think?

No! Not a chance.

At this moment, my art isn’t worthy to belong in any museum. I haven’t gained the right to be there. I do feel that some of my pieces are beginning to be worthy of a gallery.

So it’s not a matter of don’t dream big. Heck, I hope all my readers do have big dreams. Imagination inspires (and I like to preach that). Just remember that those big goals do have a path that needs to be walked first before you reach them. That means starting small in your own backyard. Now go for it.

Never Good Enough?

I know I’ve written before how I like to jump into things and sink or swim rather than starting out with the basics and advancing from there. But at some point, I always have to go back and get the basics under my belt so I can more on and that’s very frustrating to me.

How many others like to “Sink or swim?” No, really, I want to know. What have you jumped right into? Where were you brave beyond belief? Or have you always gotten the proper lessons and done things in order? How has either way served you?

Do you believe that you’re a better or worse artist for progressing along or just seeing if you can do it or not without the proper skills first? Comment now!

I believe we all feel like we’re never good enough and sometime we have to venture outside our box to get better at something. I came across a quote this week that I’d like to share with you:

Risk more than others think is safe. Care more than others think is wise. Dream more than others think is practical. Expect more than others think is possible.” — Cadet Maxim

Why did this strike me? Let’s take a closer look and you can tell me if I’m off my rocker or not.

Risk more than others think is safe: This to me is the jump in and sink or swim. Don’t wait until you “know everything.” That’s not ever going to happen. I will never be perfect, but I have to get my creative ventures out. I have to start or I’ll never go. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be in process. I can always fix things later.

Care more than others think is wise: Of all of them, this is the hardest for me. I do care about my art and sometimes I want it to be perfect before anyone else sees it. I work hard at making it the best I can (which sometimes it still fails). I care about the details. I know someone else will own my art and I want them to have something that will have value. I see too many artists mass producing a product and I wonder if they even care about what value it will have for the buyer or if it’s just to line their own pockets now. I wonder if I’m doing enough to make sure my work is preserved for the ages. I always wish I knew more about this subject. And I always want people to be happy with the pieces of mine that they have.

Dream more than others think is practical: I love to daydream and think of new things to do and try. I’m a tinkerer in many ways. If something isn’t quite right, I’ll play with it to see what happens. Too often though I forget that it takes layers to see results and sometimes things build slowly. I want to see immediate results because that’s what I saw in my daydream. But I have learned to set smaller goals and watch them grow over time rather than setting my sights on the one big goal and feeling like it’s floundering. Not saying this has been easy though.

Expect more than others think is possible: Again, big dreamer that I am, I’m always expecting more and being irritated when it doesn’t arrive. But this doesn’t say to expect more than “I” think is possible, it says “others.” How often is the starving artist mentality spoken of? Yet, is it possible to make money from art? Yes it is! I had some fun playing with numbers this week and just pretended with data I had on my art in regards to the ACEO’s I sell on eBay. If I actually believed I could duplicate this success (assuming I could do nothing but create ACEO’s all day) I found that I could actually make a living do it. The numbers astonished me. Is it realistic though? I don’t know. Now I’m back to trying to expect more than I think is possible — a much more difficult task.

Overall, I hope I never feel like I’m good enough. I want to keep striving to get better. I want to keep risking more than others because it puts me ahead of others who “want to” do something, but never actually get around to “doing it!” I hope you feel you’re in the game too. I hope you keep striving to be better. And if you are, raise your hand and let me know you’re out there. I want to follow your success too. We’ll keep risking, caring, dreaming, and expecting together!