Onesong – Chapter 5

August 16, 2017

Boy do I owe an apology to some people out there.

I suddenly realized after posting last week’s chapter that I had forgotten to include little summaries about what happened previously in the story. My bad!

I’ll do better starting this week, I promise. I’d hate for someone to not read along because they felt the story was too far along to get started. So, summary coming up.


Onesong is an epic fantasy story filled with action, adventure, and sword and sorcery. Chapter 5 is available for 1 week only! Then, it will turn back into a pumpkin and a new chapter will appear! 

Previously in Onesong: As a child, Rivic destroys not only his parents’ village, but also the village of his aunt and uncle, leaving only him and his twin sister, Nyree, alive. Alone, hungry, and wandering through the woods, the twins are found by a beast that swallows them whole. Ten years later (or so), the twins are hatched from a dragon egg. With each of them receiving special dragon powers, they are charged with saving the world from a terrible evil rising. Unsure of this new world, Nyree quickly becomes ill. Unsure of how to help his sister, Rivic takes Nyree to a tribe where the healer has been awaiting their arrival. For the moment, Rivic believes he’s found a safe place to rest and make Nyree better.

And now, the next chapter of Onesong:

Onesong front cover2 small



by Dawn Blair

Chapter 5

Nyree shook him awake some time later. “Rivic,” she whispered, “where are we?”

“We’re safe, Nyree,” he muttered as he rolled away from her.

“Are we, Rivic?” she asked, her voice laden with fear. “Have you looked at yourself?”

The words brought instant awareness to him. Rivic bolted upright and looked at his hands. They were streaked Read the rest of this entry »

Onesong – Chapter One

July 19, 2017

I’d been considering what I wanted to run this week and the answer was that I really didn’t have anything I wanted to post right now. I didn’t want to feel rushed to finish a story, even though I’ve got several near completion.

Then, I thought about Onesong. I’ve been longing to get this one done and released, but it always seems to sit on the back burner. Longtime followers may remember this one as being the book I worked on during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month – takes place every November and to “win” a writer must complete 50,000 words in a month — great if you need to get out of your own way and write. See if you want more details) a couple years ago. Then, I realized I’d actually been working on two books and had to split them apart (that was fun — not!). I’ve completely drafted Onesong, but there are still a few holes that I need to fill in. So, maybe to spur me along, I thought I’d Read the rest of this entry »

Sacred Knight – Following the legend

April 21, 2017

I’ve completed the manuscript for the 4th book in the series: Prince of the Ruined Land. I’ve also rebranded the covers. I’ve only had a chance to update the covers for the ebooks so far, but I will get to the print editions soon, so if you want the original 1st edition covers, I suggest you buy your print copies soon.

Let’s visit the series so far, shall we?

Magic returns to a planet with deadly consequences. One boy vows to stop it, but discovers it possesses him. Can he overcome the superstitions and demons in order to save his world-

Pick your platform or bookseller!

The Three Books

Manifest the Magic

To Birth A Destiny

Remember, if you’re a book collector and you want the 1st edition covers, you’ll have to purchase it quickly. The covers will be updated soon. 


To Birth A Destiny – 2nd video

September 23, 2013

This video offers a mix of backstory with current happenings in the 3rd book. Enjoy.