The store is open

After much trial and error, I finally have my store up and running. Currently, it's only stocked with books, both physical and electronic books, prints, and notecards mostly. Artwork will be posted as I have time. I am only shipping in the U.S. right now and the way it is set up I can't even … Continue reading The store is open

Landscape #11

Painting today, along with some writing. Trying to get some new, fun art ready for FanX and a couple other upcoming shows. Landscape 21-116″ x 4" acrylic on Bristol Board©2021 Dawn Blair This piece is one I did a couple months ago and it's currently listed on Etsy. I actually painted it because I had … Continue reading Landscape #11


Last week was an interesting one. On many levels. Firstly, I signed up for lifetime access to a bunch of learning materials for writers. I have only had a chance to watch part of the "Fear" videos -- what, me? Fear? OMG, yes, I do have some! -- and in that time I've already doubled … Continue reading Joyful