Space nebula available on Zibbet

You didn’t know you could buy a space nebula online, now did you? Yes, it’s true; your very own space nebula.

All you have to do is order on Zibbet today. Don’t forget your coupon code!

8″ x 10″
acrylic on canvas
©2018 Dawn Blair

This wonderful little cauldron of life has already spun off three little galaxies of its own. We suspect more are coming. See me on Zibbet.

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Rousing of ideas

I wrote about how ties and carpets have inspired ideas before, but here’s another thing that spurred an idea. You may actually recognize him from the cover of Mystery of the Stardust Monk.


This little monk statue was in the courtyard at the Anchor in Lincoln City, Oregon. Look at him closely and you’ll notice that he’s been cleaved in two it looks like. I always wondered how the split came about and what was holding him together. I think that’s why he sat in the back of my imagination.

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Do you have adventure capital?

I took a seminar a couple days ago from Barbara Winter. She said something about business owners that I thought I’d pass along because I think it’s important for every artist to think about as well. Often when a company starts up, they gather venture capital to help fund it. But what about “adventure capital”? Adventure capital? What’s that?

Adventure capital is one’s willingness to have an adventure in their business. When you have adventure capital, you are more willing to experiment and try things out to see if they will fit. It maybe doing something you’ve never done before like travel to Las Vegas by yourself to take a class. Remember last year when I took the pottery class. I had no idea how it was going to turn out, but I would’ve never known if I hadn’t given it a shot. Adventure capital doesn’t have to take money either – it might be trying a new approach at shows or on Twitter.

So, go on today and inject some adventure capital into what you’re doing!