Onesong – Chapter 24

December 27, 2017

You might recall me saying last week that this was part of a new section that I’d added to the book after I realized that I’d need this scene in order to set up another scene I also needed.

Fleshing a story out can be fabulous fun. It can also be frustrating. I once read that it was easier to get things down than to think things up. I have to agree. When I’m focused on trying to think things up and make sure it’s all logical, that’s when it gets hard. When I focus on getting all these ideas down, then I start to see the connections that need to be made and things become easier.

Funny, huh?

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by Dawn Blair

Chapter 24

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Onesong – Chapter 2

July 26, 2017

Thank you to every who liked and shared Onesong – Chapter 1. You really helped to spread the word. Because you all were so delightful about it, I’m going to keep chapter 1 running for one more week. So be sure to let everyone know that chapter 2 is available, but you an also start reading the story now.

I was hoping to read through this chapter one more time before I posted it, but due to my family emergency, I’m just throwing it out there. But then again, you knew that this was a mostly fresh and untouched draft.

So, I ask once again for you to like and share the story if you enjoyed it. Find everyone else out there who will like the story and let them know that they are getting free Read the rest of this entry »