I am going to hurt tomorrow

I think I'm in avoidance. Yes, I'm pretty sure I am. I had another class which started today (along with the one yesterday), so I'm working on these and watching the videos. However, I've also started watching the videos about writing a series. Okay, now obviously I know how to write series of several different … Continue reading I am going to hurt tomorrow


I'm finally through with a section of Loki's newest adventure that was down right creeping me out. The story called for me to make Loki into something small. Very small. I contemplated several ideas before deciding on a spider. Yeah, that was before I had to start doing research on the type of spider I … Continue reading Shivers

A lesson on how to fly

Recently, I went through Tangled Magic to find some of my favorite spots in the book. This was one that came up: I really doubt that Rivic missed a lesson on how to fly. Whatever lesson he skipped out on was probably dull and boring, honestly. I just bet he will never skip class again.