Progress – May 21, 2018

May 21, 2018

Oh, shiny!

That describes this week. At least partially.

I started off pretty good. Then I read a blog and it’s accompanying comments that irritated me. It was a writer’s blog by someone I respect, and even though my name wasn’t mentioned I felt as if this writer was taking a shot right at me and some of the things I’ve been saying on my blog lately. I felt as if I was being told that I was completely wrong, I’d never make it as a professional writer, and I might as well give up and quit wasting my time.

I really wanted to fire back with venom, but I listened to the wise little voice inside me which said not to, that I shouldn’t take on this battle, especially since who knows what inspired that writer to start taking fire. Did I really want to play Whack-A-Mole? No, best not to pop up my head.

Let’s face it: I’m probably not even a blip on this writer’s radar. Why take it so personally?

But my irritation stayed with me all day. Later that evening, still unable to shake it, I sat down with one of my oracle card decks and asked why I needed to have that experience.

I got two cards. The first said to remember that Love was the best teacher. The second said to view the situation with Love and see what it was trying to teach. So I did just that. I asked myself why I had to get angry over the lesson being spoken in this blog. Why was it hard for me to accept? Did I view it as true but I couldn’t admit it to myself?

I got an interesting answer. Read the rest of this entry »


Onesong – Chapter 40

April 25, 2018

This is another chapter not suited for the faint of heart. A warning, and so you have been.

I always knew that Rivic’s story would be difficult to write. Mostly because the period of this world’s history wasn’t very nice. It is to be dark. And I would have to lead a character into so really dank places if it were to work. Worse, I know I’m not doing this story justice because I don’t want to go to those places myself. I think that’s why I keep pulling Rivic back and why he had to start off so innocent.

Yeah, that probably makes me the wimp.

Along with romances, I also use to write horror. I totally dreamed of it being listed with names like Steven King and Dean Koontz. Oh, yes. It was going to be King, Koontz, and me — the trifecta of horror.

Let’s just say that I was a worse horror writer than I was a romance writer. Oh, I could make the reader feel fear. That part was easy. I feel that terror is one of the easiest emotions to evoke and manipulate.  Our automatic response is always survival, which explains why fear grips us so hard.

Heck, I can merely tell you that this chapter isn’t for the faint of heart, and many of you are wondering if you even want to read the chapter or not. Your heart is probably already pointing, spurred by curiosity and trepidation. Imagine how many people read that first line and went no further — I’m sure there were some.

And it is that same response that made me quit writing horror — I didn’t like finding out what jumped out of the dark at me. I have to be the first to experience the emotion. Only then can I convey it. I decided one day that I didn’t really like being scared and I didn’t like thinking about the scent of blood and guts all the time. So I stopped. I’m glad I had the experience, but I’m glad I moved on. It was easier to fall in love.

And honestly, that’s something I did too readily, so I stopped that too. (grin)

I told my son the other day that I really wanted to get home and lock myself away into one of my fantasy worlds where I knew I was safe.

That’s also a dangerous place for a writer to sit.

So, I’m a wimp.

At least I know it and when I come back to this chapter, it will get darker and carry a lot more tension as it should (I hope — if I do my review edits correctly). It’s already a chapter that didn’t make me feel very good when I was writing it. I do need it. But it wasn’t pleasant. I know I skimmed the surface of my emotions here and that I will need to get much deeper.

Everyone who is still along for the ride, put your hands in the air. The roller-coaster is about to pick up speed. Here we go!

Onesong is an epic fantasy story filled with action, adventure, and sword and sorcery. Chapter 40 is available for 1 week only! Then it will turn back into a pumpkin and a new chapter will appear!  Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2018


Okay, I realize some of you might not feel the love on this one, but I wanted to shake things up with it being Valentine’s Day and all.  Can you feel it coming?

Yes, I am postponing this week’s Onesong chapter until next week so that I can bring you what I believe is the start of a new short story series featuring everyone’s favorite god of love: Cupid. But he is neither cute nor a cherub, though I would say his archery skills are supreme. He helps people find their true love in this difficult day and age. Read the rest of this entry »

Onesong – Chapter 27

January 17, 2018

This is going to be a short chapter this week. Very short. I’m still piecing Onesong together and haven’t really been working on it the last couple of weeks. My brain has been possessed by my other idea as well as those edits for Prince of the Ruined Land. Yeah, I do want to get that out soon! I’m sure everyone would love to quit hearing me talk about it so they can be reading it.

There might also be some creative procrastination going on with Onesong. Every now and then I have to put a story aside so that I can figure it out. You wanted to come along on this adventure with me, so here you are, rowing in the same boat I am. (grin)

But first, a special announcement. Click the image to learn more. (Don’t worry, another tab will open so you won’t forget to come back and read Onesong.)



Let’s get to this chapter, shall we?

Onesong is an epic fantasy story filled with action, adventure, and sword and sorcery. Chapter 27 is available for 1 week only! Unless you subscribe to Patreon at the $5 per month level where you can get additional access. ($4 per month will get you early access to the next chapter) If not, it will turn back into a pumpkin and a new chapter will appear!  Read the rest of this entry »

Progress – November 6, 2017

November 6, 2017

Along with recovering from being so tired after an intense writing business masterclass, I spent a lot of time trying to find a solution for my Legendary Hero Comics website. I’ve finally come up with something. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than the clunkiness that I have going on right now. The last two weeks, even though I’ve had my pages scheduled to go up, they haven’t. I also couldn’t force them to post. I had to go set up new posts and publish.  Anyway, i have been testing and tinkering with a new site. It’s not live yet, but I do hope I can go live with it soon. Right now I only have 11 pages of Weblinks up and 1 of Rockin’ Life. I’d like to have a bit more done before I release it. And hopefully, publishing to it won’t be such a pain as it is now and I’ll actually enjoy posting. Read the rest of this entry »

Space Ninjas Aren’t Real

November 4, 2017

Or are they?

I will be the first to admit when this title popped in my head and I started writing it, I thought it would be a comedy, something along the lines of the humor in my Loki series.

Yeah, not so much.

Selena was too serious of a character right from the start. As the story progressed, I realized why she was so uptight. It took some prodding because she really didn’t want to admit that she’d done anything wrong. I’ll save that for the story.

But I did want to give you a preview.

Space Ninjas Aren’t Real hasn’t been run on my blog as a free story because I’ve been putting up Onesong instead. But now Space Ninjas Aren’t Real is up for pre-order and will be released on November 21, 2017 – just in time for reading while you are waiting for the turkey to cook this Thanksgiving.

Let’s go check out a sample of the story, shall we?

Space Ninjas Aren't Real cover small 082817

Space Ninjas Aren’t Real (excerpt)

by Dawn Blair


Selena Bennett stood at the large, cold, plastiglass window of the space dock and watched as shuttlecrafts flew to and from the larger spaceship, the Honeycomb. It would be her new home for the next couple of months. Thinking about all the supplies the Read the rest of this entry »

Onesong – Chapter 15

October 25, 2017

If you’ve been reading this from the beginning, I mentioned that this story was still rough. If you were paying attention in the last chapter, you probably saw it.

Did you see the sentence, “The spell that killed Evahn.”?


Since last Wednesday sneaked up on me so much, I had only read about half the chapter. I had to put it up.

When I got back to proofing the chapter, I went, “Who is Evahn?” Read the rest of this entry »