Test your knowledge

There's been something I've wanted to do for a long time, but I got around to it. That is building puzzles for my books. Okay, maybe some backstory is needed here. My mom often told stories about how I would do word searches before I could even read. Sure, why not? Let's face it: letters … Continue reading Test your knowledge

Eggs at Play Unlimited

My children’s book, Eggs at Play, is now available to read for free when you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. Read to you kids or just for your inner child. Shh, I won’t tell. (Grin) Even Loki reads Eggs at Play just for himself! Here he is checking out my author proof copy. If you don’t … Continue reading Eggs at Play Unlimited

Ninjas: By the Numbers – Part 1

A black-winged angel and a homeless man gave her hope. Now, Amanda searches for her destiny. Numbers point the way and a star guides her.

But some things cannot be calculated. Will the numbers add up, or is there an error in the Universe’s designs?

A fantasy adventure told in four parts. Available for 1 week only!