Progress – April 30, 2018

I can’t believe we are here at the end of the month. A third of the year is now done.

Hmm, that brings up an interesting question: why do we divide the year into quarters and not thirds? Maybe this hits me strangely now, because I just did my quarterly business meeting with myself over the weekend. I chided myself, as is best when you are having a meeting with yourself because people look at you strangely when you blur out random admonishments at them (Dude! Really? — seek what I mean), that my meeting was coming awfully late; I’d already lost the first month of the second quarter. I’m already starting off this quarter behind. But, considering that people are so naturally tuned to the number 3, why we don’t have 3 thirds with 4 months in it? As I sit here writing and wondering this, I must wonder if I should move to a setup like this. It would force me to think four to eight months ahead instead of three (or two as usually happens) to six (or five) ahead. You know, I might try that for the rest of this year and next year, just to see if that fits my internal nature better. (No, my dear accountant friends, my bookkeeper side is not having issues with that. I already work monthly and yearly, but quarterly only effects me for payroll reports. I am not bothered one bit by shifting my thinking this way.)

I finished the draft of Onesong. There’s still something nagging me about the last chapter, but I’m trusting the process that I already have something rolling around in my head and I just need it to spring forth. It will. It always does. I’m not forcing it right now. And, some of it may come with where I decide to split the story. It’s right about 140,000 words total after all the extra stuff is chopped off. I haven’t looked to see if some of that fluff really needs to stay in the story. I also have a list of things that I kept thinking needed to happen which I need to sift through and see if it’s really as important as I thought it was when I started the list. (which reminds me, I have another Anne Dillard quote that I found when I was researching my previous blog to make sure her words hadn’t been pulled out of context. It pertains to this list exactly. I must write that next blog.)

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Eggs at Play

I finished my children’s book. It’s really amazing to think that this day is here.

Here’s one more page from the book:


As you’ll see below, this page also became the cover for the book. I haven’t decided yet if I want this to be the actual cover or if it’s just temporary. Decisions, decisions.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these pages each week. As of my writing this, I haven’t decided what I want to work on next, so I might just spend a little time working on Weblinks and Rockin’ Life.

If you’re interested in the full book, you can pre-order the ebook now.


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Progress – September 11, 2017

I’ll admit it: this week got away from me. It’s been productive, but not in a way that I had originally planned.

I finished Space Ninjas Aren’t Real, sent it out, and got it back. I worked up the cover for the audiobook of Stardust, and got two of the three tracks uploaded. And I had a show in Burley, Idaho, this weekend with my friend, Stacy, where we shared booth space. She does amazing natural stone jewelry and beautiful crochet work — all of which she does herself. My son was there, and her husband and their beautiful puppy, Loki, came over. It was a good time. I’m really glad I did this show.

Now, I only have to get ready for Salt Lake Comic Con. Plus, I want to get some pre-orders done before I go. Just a few things to do.

So, here are the numbers.

Fiction words written last week: 4,437 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  1,448 words

Writing month to date total:  9,071 words (That’s not even enough for 1 of my weekly goals. I really need to get it together!)

Writing year to date total: 266,154 words

Drawing/painting last week: I didn’t get any painting done, though I did spend time on Thursday varnishing several paintings I had finished and Friday packaging up those paintings for sale. I also wired up a couple of the wrapped canvases I had finished. I completely forgot to record time for this. It’s just something I do, part of the process, and I don’t think about all the time that goes into it.

Audio: I spent 3 hours editing audio. That, of course, doesn’t include the time I spent working on the cover for Stardust or uploading the audio; just the time I spent actually working on the tracks.


ACEO of the Week – 04/1/17

Magical Landscape 2017-4
3.5″ x 2.5″
acrylic on Bristol Board
©2017 Dawn Blair
For Sale

Happy April Fool’s Day.

I have no joke to play on your today. Instead, you can see another beautiful ACEO. This is the other ACEO I promised you awhile back that was inspired by the PicsArt app.

Rather than pulling pranks on other people, why don’t you check out the ACEO’s I have on auction? It’ll be a much better use of your time, I promise.

ACEO of the Week – 02/18/17

Magical Landscape 2017-6
3.5″ x 2.5″ acrylic on Bristol Board
©2017 Dawn Blair
For Sale

I actually got the idea for this ACEO (and another one I will list here soon) when I was playing around with PicsArt — a picture app for your phone. I’d taken a couple pictures of some of my ACEO’s and was toying around with the app. Suddenly this very cool image appeared and I went, “Mine, mine, mine!” It’s kind of cool to see what inspires a creative direction, I think.

This ACEO is for sale.

ACEO of the week – 02/11/17

Ack! I’m actually posting this one late. I completely forgot and I will admit that. With my deepest apologies, let’s get to the pictures, shall we?

3.5″ x 2.5″
acrylic on Bristol Board
©2014 Dawn Blair

I’ve always wondered where the cave goes to. Maybe it’s something as unexciting as a culvert under a road. Except that I always had great adventures when I went through the tunnels in the ditches around my house when I was growing up. I’d go through one side and come out the other side in a different world. I still love getting teleported away.

Click here to see more adventuresome ACEO’s I have for sale.

ACEO envelope sketches

Sent out more ACEO’s last week. Here’s a sketch on the envelope:

Belita 1

Belita 2

Sent out another package too, but as I’m working on this post, I haven’t transferred those pictures yet. Will get to that one soon.

So, is this a waxing moon or a waning moon? I probably have a weird way of remembering which is which. I draw a line straight down from the tips. If the moon with the extended line looks like a “P,” then the moon is “pregnant,” which means it will get bigger (waxing). If the moon with the extended line looks like a “Q,” then the moon is “quitting” and getting smaller (waning). As I said, it’s probably a little weird. So, on this envelope, I wanted to send a waxing moon to the recipient in order to wish her many good things coming into her life, along with the wisdom of the owl. I hope she enjoys.

Missed Step

acrylic on bristol Dawn Blair ©2012Available on eBay this week
acrylic on bristol
Dawn Blair ©2012
Available on eBay this week

I missed a step in my last post. A very important one!

I think it’s easy to do too because this is really a step that must over arc all of the previous steps mentioned. It is your guiding star, a pinpoint of light that will always assure you that you are on the right path.

So what is it?

That missed step is: Have Fun!

If you aren’t having fun at doing creating your passion, why are you doing it anyway?

Have fun! Through it all, have fun.