Nebula on a hexagon

My six-sided painting. I was pretty excited to find this canvas. I knew immediately that I wanted to do a space painting on this. Once I felt ready, I painted the canvas black. The picture above shows it all prepared and ready. My first layer: It's hard not to block a painting in like this … Continue reading Nebula on a hexagon

Inktober #3

And now for the installment of my Inktober drawings since last Thursday. Prompt # 11 was "cruel." Okay, the world is just too cruel. I hate the horrible things we do to each other (for crap's sake, people, we are all humans born in the same way and all stuck on this bloody rock together!), … Continue reading Inktober #3

Broken Smiles

"Write what you fear" is advice often given to writers. Yeah... that's how stories like this happen. Welcome to my nightmare world. Broken Smiles is a futuristic tech story. Available for 1 week only! Then, it will turn back into a pumpkin and a new story will appear. Enjoy BROKEN SMILES Dawn Blair This story was available for … Continue reading Broken Smiles