Searching the stars

Last year I started painting galaxies on star-shaped magnets. I did about 12 of them. Each one turns out so differently. It’s exciting to see what happens and fun to use these as practice to expand, experiment, and practice the technique. There is so much more that I want to try out.

Cosmic galaxy star magnets
© 2020 Dawn Blair

These are my first batch for 2020.

I have a feeling that I’ll be creating a lot more of these star magnets this year, hopefully more than 12. (grin) I am also thinking about doing simple tree and sky paintings on heart-shaped magnets too, much like the ACEO’s I started out painting, but I haven’t made that commitment yet.

The reason I haven’t started on that is because there’s another avenue I’m also contemplating exploring. And I know that every time something is added, something else needs to be removed. There is only so much time. And I have to decide which is more important.

This other avenue: working more on Bristol board, possibly including charcoal/pencil work as well as paint. I know that to some this might not seem like a very exciting decision, but for me it was something I was thinking about most of last year; I just didn’t get started on it. All I can say there is that the time didn’t feel right; another one of those “trust the process” things.

What changed?

Star magnet 2020-4
© 2020 Dawn Blair

I’m not very certain. Maybe I’m just reaching for the stars. Maybe I am another year older. Maybe I just like working on Bristol. Quite frankly, I do painting on Bristol and I want to get better at it, so there’s no time like the present. Is there another reason?

Possibly. But I think those I stated are enough.

If you’re interested in getting your own magnet, check them out on one of my stores. Free shipping. Stay tuned because more are coming!

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Inktober #5

Well, this is it. The last of the 2018 Inktober drawings. I hope you’ve had fun seeing them along the way.

If you’ve missed them, you can find the other weeks by clicking these links: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.


Prompt #25 was “Prickly”


I knew that I didn’t want to draw a cactus, at least not a plain cactus, since that was the “low-hanging fruit” on this picture. As I let myself start thinking deeply about this prompt, I started thinking about what makes me prickly. The topic started to make me uncomfortable, so that’s how I knew I was on the right path. I started thinking about how once someone has been hurt by love, they can get prickly and not want anyone close to them.

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Gifting an ebook on Amazon

Did you know that you can give an ebook as a gift to someone on Amazon?

I only discovered this because my son recently asked me to purchase an ebook for him and we were trying to figure out how to get it to him rather than it coming to my device. I admit that I might have been a bit slow to notice this feature, but I’m betting there are many other people who don’t know this feature exists or how easy it is to use.

Especially if you have people in your life who love to read!

Here’s how to purchase an ebook as a gift.

Once you have an ebook up on Amazon, click the “Give as a Gift” Button.

Give as a gift

The next page that comes up will ask for information on where to email the book. The best part about this is that you can select a date for the ebook to ship to the person on. So, if you wanted to set up birthday, anniversary, holiday, just because gift dates ahead of time, you can!

You can even have the gift sent directly to you, which you can then deliver to them. This is great if you have older people in your life who enjoy technology but maybe don’t completely understand how to use it and they just need a little extra help.

blog page

Then, personalize it with your message and place your order.

Gifting done!



Need a holiday gift idea?

The Jerome Music Boosters, an organization representing the Jerome High School music program, is selling a lamp made out of a real baritone saxophone. Look:

DSC00116 DSC00099 DSC00103

All money raised from selling this goes to the Jerome Music Boosters to help them with their fundraising efforts to get the kids (band and choir) to Disneyland – check out other things the band has done here. You can read more about it in the item description on eBay. Or, if you’d like to just help out the program, please feel free to contact me about making a charitable contribution (now is a great time to be thinking about your 2013 tax deductions — sorry, bookkeeping hat there!).

I’m glad I can be helping the Jerome Music Boosters out and sharing this item with you!

Happy holidays!

Get Art Prints

Just in time for the holidays, you now have the option of buying archival prints of my artwork on select pieces like Wild Garden Path, Sands of Time, A Turn in the Road, and the popular favorite, The Evergreens. Here’s the perfect gift for your art loving friends! Each piece comes with a white matte. Did I mention the free shipping?

Since these come directly from me, your prints are signed. I do all the work of printing, matting, and sealing in a plastic bag. Yep, all done by me. So, while I get to keep my prices low by doing it myself, you get a quality archival print for a great price for your friends or yourself. Yes, it’s okay to admit that you bought yourself a present! Do it now. You know you want to!

Don’t see a print of the artwork you want, e-mail me and let me know which print you’d like.

What if your friend is a writer instead of an art-lover (or maybe both – who says it has to be one or the other)? Don’t forget my book, The Write Edit. You will not find another book for writers like this out there.

Thank you to all my collectors for your support over the last few years. I enjoy being able to offer more selection to you and creating beautiful works for you. I certainly couldn’t do it without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May you have the best of holidays and a great 2010.