Purple trees

After my post earlier this week about the seasons changing way too soon, I thought I’d lighten it up a bit by bringing in some spring. The seasons do not rule my painting!

I’ve had many people admire my purple trees. I don’t know why I like to paint them; they are just fun. So, here’s another purple tree that is available. I imagine myself lying on the ground looking up through the branches of this tree and watching the clouds float by.

Looking up 2018-8 (ACEO)
Acrylic on Bristol Board
Dawn Blair ©2018

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Space – a continuing mission

I’m still continuing to work on the space paintings. Here’s my next step in their progress.

This one is the cloudy nebula.


Trying to get a second layer on there without killing the first. The paints are still wet in this photo, so I’m certain they are much brighter than they will be when they dry. It really is scary to see how dark it gets. Its like I walk away from it, and then when I come back it’s so much darker and I feel like I’ve lost all the light. I begin to wonder if I will be able to pull any of it back in.

Here’s the next stage of another painting:

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Missed Step

acrylic on bristol Dawn Blair ©2012Available on eBay this week
acrylic on bristol
Dawn Blair ©2012
Available on eBay this week

I missed a step in my last post. A very important one!

I think it’s easy to do too because this is really a step that must over arc all of the previous steps mentioned. It is your guiding star, a pinpoint of light that will always assure you that you are on the right path.

So what is it?

That missed step is: Have Fun!

If you aren’t having fun at doing creating your passion, why are you doing it anyway?

Have fun! Through it all, have fun.