It’s here!

Yes, you knew it was coming, all you smart readers out there, you! The Missing Thread is available. I won't wait. I'll give you the link If you waited around for the next paragraph, then let me say that the print book is out and available through Amazon. I don't have it up in … Continue reading It’s here!

Uploaded on the 4th of July

To m American readers: Happy 4th of July! Please stay safe and sane. New release update! This was a story I wrote a couple years ago. It ran here on my blog for a week, then turned back into a pumpkin. I held onto it. I just didn't feel it was ready to go out … Continue reading Uploaded on the 4th of July

Alexander’s Den

I mentioned Alexander in Cirvel's story, Palladium, a few weeks ago. I said that I had a short story about Alexander coming soon. Tomorrow, that story releases. Cover and layout copyright © 2018 by Morning Sky Studios Cover design by Dawn Blair/Morning Sky Studios Cover art copyright © Andreiuc88-, © Chaiyas -, © … Continue reading Alexander’s Den