Alexander’s Den

I mentioned Alexander in Cirvel’s story, Palladium, a few weeks ago. I said that I had a short story about Alexander coming soon.

Tomorrow, that story releases.

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I wrote Alexander’s Den several months before I started Palladium. It really was only when I needed the mention of a dragon that Alexander started to take part in Palladium at all. Granted, he is only a side note in Palladium, but of course my head expanded the story so much more. Much like a novihomidrak, I knew exactly what would happen if Cirvel actually did find Alexander. Of course, I can’t say much more because Palladium isn’t far enough along for you to have read exactly what the Onesong had in mind for Cirvel instead.

Currently, only the ebook version is available. I’m considering options for the print version. And, I’m working on an audiobook version which will be releasing soon. Stay tuned for those. Meanwhile, you can find your favorite ebook distributor here.

Loki is back at it!

It’s out!

1-800-icebaby front small

Loki of Midgard – not something he ever thought he’d be – is back in this new adventure.  Up until now, he’d always liked sending unauthorized visitors to Midgard back to their home realms.

Now it no longer feels like retribution, but a chore. Can’t he sit back, drink his coffee, and run his businesses? Why must Bronwyn call him yet again?

All to check out alleged poltergeist activity centering around a lowly janitor at the mall.

Really?!! What does he look like? A security guard?

But the temperature is about to drop as Loki discovers the truth. And someone is going to take a fall.

Get it now.

A good deal on Books Gone Bad

I just heard about a promotion going on for the Books Gone Bad bundle and I thought I better hurry and pass it along.

Now until August 28th, you can get 40% off the bundle — the whole bundle! This isn’t just one book — at Kobo.

These books wait for you with spine-tingling surprises. Get started on your fall reading now.


Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


Free Fiction: Mystery of the Stardust Monk – Part 3

I finally got accepted into a Kobo promotion!

Correction: I had 2 stories accepted into a Kobo promotion!

Considering the number of times that I’ve tried, this really is an accomplishment I feel proud of. Believe me, when I saw the email I thought, “Oh, here’s my rejection again.” Then, in the preview of the email I saw the word accepted and nearly choked. I was in a state of disbelief for a couple of hours.

So what’s the deal? From August 1st to the 8th on Kobo, they are running a 3 for $9 deal for readers in the U.S. and Canada. (The links above take you to the complete promotion – at least for the U.S. I did have to dig around for the promotion a bit, so I apologize to my Canadian readers for not being able to get them a better link and wish them the best of luck in find the promo.) The ebooks have to be in their promotion to get that pricing, so make sure your chosen selection says that it’s eligible for the deal.


I have Manifest the Magic (Book 2 of the Sacred Knight series) and 1-800-CallLoki as books in this promotion. So, if you’ve read Quest for the Three Books and need the second one in the series, here’s your chance to save money. Or maybe you want to share the Loki series with someone.

And now, to your free fiction for this week.


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Mystery of the Stardust Monk

by Dawn Blair

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