Palladium – Chapter 3

The last few weeks have seemed like “whack a mole.” Every time I get one of the little buggers back in the ground, something else pops up.

I guess that’s the fun and adventures in space and time.

For you Loki fans, I have been getting some done on the 7th novella. Okay, when it snows in Los Angeles, I get the point. *grin* I did have to get words done on the novella so he wouldn’t dump snow on me coming home from Sandy, Utah. It certainly was aiming that way as we headed toward that weekend. Guess who had no snow? Yep! Me. People may think that I’m weird, but that’s okay. I know the reality: Loki loves to pester me with cold, snow, and ice if I do not pay enough attention to him.

I really want to go get my words in for the night so I can get some sleep. I can’t wait until spring and the sun returns for good. I needs it, Precious, I needs it! You can clearly see I’m losing my mind here.

We should get you to the story and away from me. *grin* Happy adventuring!

This story is meant for new adult audiences. It is rather mature in nature, not that there’s anything really detrimental, but it certainly isn’t meant for readers under 17 as there is content of a sensual nature. If you are younger or prefer completely clean content, please go no further with this story.

Previously: The novihomidrak, Cirvel, heads through a festival on his way to meet up with an old “friend” who has a map that Cirvel needs. The friend, Sapere Imor, isn’t happy to see Cirvel and tries to persuade Cirvel with other temptations. Irritated with not getting his answers, Cirvel seals Imor into a genie lamp. A ninja steps from the shadows and steals away the lamp containing Imor, leaving Cirvel holding only air. He returns to the shrine to discuss the situation with the Grand Sapere, who demands to take it to the Dragon Council. Cirvel knows the Council will take far too long to come to a decision. Cirvel decides to act on his own.

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Chapter 3

by Dawn Blair

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Sketchbook – musing from 4/2013

Sketchbook page April 2013 Dawn Blair ©2013
Sketchbook page
April 2013
Dawn Blair ©2013

My sketchbook gets filled up with pieces of my life. Images I find that I enjoy. Ideas, Scribbles that hopefully turn into something decent.

Here you see just that. A sketch I had no idea what it would be when I started (the lamp post), stamps I collected at some point and taped into the journal, and the idea for the wraith that appeared in For Sale, Call Loki.

Which is scarier: the bear or the wraith doll? 🙂

Need a holiday gift idea?

The Jerome Music Boosters, an organization representing the Jerome High School music program, is selling a lamp made out of a real baritone saxophone. Look:

DSC00116 DSC00099 DSC00103

All money raised from selling this goes to the Jerome Music Boosters to help them with their fundraising efforts to get the kids (band and choir) to Disneyland – check out other things the band has done here. You can read more about it in the item description on eBay. Or, if you’d like to just help out the program, please feel free to contact me about making a charitable contribution (now is a great time to be thinking about your 2013 tax deductions — sorry, bookkeeping hat there!).

I’m glad I can be helping the Jerome Music Boosters out and sharing this item with you!

Happy holidays!