Palladium – Chapter 41

I’m trying to write and my faithful dog, Merlin, would rather have me petting him. This is a good problem to have. I’d rather have this than a lot of other dramas I see people inviting into their lives. Why a person would want to create that kind of stress is beyond me. I’d rather keep my life simple and let my characters have the drama.

Okay, I won’t go getting up on my soapbox today. The sun is shining, something we haven’t had a lot of the last month or so. I like my light. I couldn’t live somewhere that didn’t have a good amount of sunlight. Now if only the snow would melt off.

I discovered Merlin shedding today. Both him and my black cat, Coville, are trying to get rid of their winter coats. I tried telling them that it’s a little premature on their part; we still have more cold winter ahead of us. But do you think they listened? Nope! I think they both had the sun of their black fur and got a false sense of the warmth.

I hope my tulips are smart enough to keep their heads down for a while longer. The snow hasn’t melted yet and there’s more in the forecast. A little sun doesn’t equal spring! Even though I am also craving it very badly. I must wait too. Bring on summer. I had someone comment to me this last week that “didn’t the weather know that it was supposed to go Thanksgiving, Christmas, summer?” That’s almost a true story for Idaho weather, but I find it’s more like cold, cold, warm-ish, cold, cold, cold, flip switched, blazing hot! And I use to be one of these people that preferred the blazing hot to the cold. Not so much since I had heat stroke many years ago; hot weather saps my strength fairly quickly, but I will still take it over the cold. Everyone is always telling me that when it’s cold they can put on more layers, but when it’s hot they can’t take anything else off. I reply that I can always go jump in a pool but I hate being the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Well, enough chatting about the weather. Feel free to let me know what it’s like where you live in the comments below. Meanwhile, let’s get you to the story.

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Chapter 41

by Dawn Blair

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Inktober #3

And now for the installment of my Inktober drawings since last Thursday.

Prompt # 11 was “cruel.”


Okay, the world is just too cruel. I hate the horrible things we do to each other (for crap’s sake, people, we are all humans born in the same way and all stuck on this bloody rock together!), the animals, and the world (this bloody rock floating through the dangers of space!). I just couldn’t bring myself to think about cruelty. I’d rather do that in my fiction. Is that strange? Oh, well. So, I decided on a basket of flowers.

Obviously, though, I couldn’t get completely away from thinking about how cruel villains can be — note the apple and think of Snow White.

See? Evil and cruelty — we need to be nicer to each other.

Prompt #12 was “whale.”

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Progress – September 10, 2018

I had a great time at FanX. I went back to the hotel each night sore from being on my feet most of the day and tired. I still, somehow, got my words in each day. That was not an easy thing to do, especially when I was sitting in a chair at a desk not quite the right height and my feet were throbbing beneath me. I’ll have to find something to massage my feet after a long day on them. Must be portable.

The cool thing was the Jacuzzi tub in the hotel room. I’ve only used a tub like that a couple times before, but for me, it was a lifesaver this time. Warm (yes, I do like things toward the hot side) and massaging. It was my reward for getting my words done.

I did like being within walking distance of the hotel, so that was convenient. I do, however, suggest never walking alone in Salt Lake City after dark — scary.

But I know that you all would rather hear about FanX, especially if you weren’t there. Here’s a few pictures of cosplay:


I had a great spot. Beside me, I had Guy Kidd and Kimberli Johnson. Across from me was Kyle Shoop. I had a great time with these three. Other writer friends, Jeff Stagg and Jo Ann Schneider were there, but I didn’t have nearly enough time to visit with them.

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