History of a Dead Man – now available

History of a Dead Man


Now available — exclusive to Amazon Kindle at the moment– for only $0.99.

If you can wait, it’ll be free on August 1-3, 2014 and September 20-21, 2014. That’s if you can wait. I mean, these are the years of Steigan’s life that he still has never spoken to me about. What could the man possibly have to hide? (yes, I know he’s just a character in my head, but the brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination — that’s a blog for another time!)

History of a Dead Man

History of a Dead Man


There are about forty years in which Steigan won’t talk about what happened in his life. This upcoming novella fills in that blank.

Very shortly (hopefully within a week or two depending on how life decides to treat me!) I’ll be releasing this as a FREE (update 7/17/14: it won’t be a free read unless you get it during a Kindle Select promotion period — I leaped before I looked and found out yesterday that Amazon doesn’t allow an author to set their price at $0.00 — okay they are a business and need to make money to stay in business, I understand. I’m not faulting them. I’m sorry and should have looked into this first. So, watch my Facebook page for announcements on when this will be a free read. Even the Kindle Select program will be a limited time so that I can open it up to Nook readers as well)  $0.99 read on Kindle. It’s meant to fit between To Birth a Destiny and the 4th book of the Sacred Knight series, but if you haven’t even begun the series this will give you a good start without ruining the story too much with spoilers (I hope). Tell you what: just read the series, then get this one for free just to be sure.

So what if you don’t have a Kindle? Well, you can download the Kindle app on your computer or smartphone and read books that way — and there are lots of free books! You can read on your phone while standing in line at the grocery store. Why not? I’ve been known to write while waiting in line. Isn’t technology great?!!

Still want a physical book? Well, I’m not printing this on it’s own so you’ll have wait until I release the 4th book. When that comes out, there will be two editions done: a regular printing which will only be the 4th book and an expanded edition which will have Annae’s novella in the front. So you’ll have to look for that and get the version you want. I probably won’t be carrying the expanded edition to shows unless I get a lot of requests for it, so if you want it let me know.

Keep watching here and I’ll let you know when Annae’s novella , History of a Dead Man,  is available.

P.S. You can see the full painting here as well as discovering some trivia about the work.

Loki’s calling

I’m writing insanely again. There is absolutely no other way to phrase it. Every moment I’m awake I feel like I should be writing. Every cell wants to be immersed in story. I hardly even sleep because after only a couple hours I wake up and want to get back to it. I haven’t felt this way in years.

Now, there was a time in my life where a dear friend expected to see 10 pages a day out of me. I’d practically write all night and I’d dream about upcoming scenes while I was out on the ranch driving my tractor around in circles (grinning at the memory), then in the afternoon she’d come over and sit on the couch while I sat in my office chair and I’d watch her read the pages. I loved seeing her emotions as she read. She’d laugh and I’d want to know what had evoked the response. We both loved every moment.

I like my writing wasn’t done until someone else reads it. In honor of that, I’m giving you a sneak peek of my newest series, Call Loki. It starts off with 1-800-Mischief. My son and I have already lined out a whole series of titles. The beginning of another book came to me today. I don’t see any of them being real long, novella length probably rather than novel length. I talk more about it on my page set up for the preview.


So, if you’re interested, I’ll let you get over there and read it.


I’m going to get back to writing now.


Unless you’re going to let me come watch you while you read! (Grin)

Hey, the phone’s for you. Loki’s calling.