Let’s see what happens – Day 3

Some while back, I had two posts about a painting I was working on. I finally got back to that painting. Find post 1 here. Find post 2 here. So this is where I ended last time: When I looked at it today, I felt like I'd lost the depth in the piece. Now I … Continue reading Let’s see what happens – Day 3

Space nebula painting

I've added a couple new paintings to my online stores. I'm excited to share one of my newer nebula paintings. Nebula 20-44"x6" acrylic on canvas board© 2020 Dawn Blair For a time, I thought I had pretty much finished the nebula paintings. I felt like I'd learned all I could from them. But then, I … Continue reading Space nebula painting

Nebula painting

Been working on more space nebula paintings. This one is now available in my Zibbet store. Don't know about Zibbet -- well, it's like Etsy and has lots of amazing items. Check it out. Space #4618008 8" x 10" acrylic on canvas ©2018 Dawn Blair