Sketchbook ramblings

Sometimes I like to go back through my sketchbook. I find interesting things. Here's a partially inked picture of *shock* Steigan. I use to draw him more than anything else. Not so much these days, but every now and then he pops up. You can see that it's over 2 years old. More interesting is … Continue reading Sketchbook ramblings

Free Fiction: Dragons of Wellsdeep – Chapter 5

Are you ready for another chapter of Dragons of Wellsdeep? This is one that dredges up quite a bit of personal history here. It makes it that fine line where fiction and reality merge. For starters, the thing (and I won't spoil any of it) that Sapere Lyma tells to Balthier is something I remember my … Continue reading Free Fiction: Dragons of Wellsdeep – Chapter 5