Writers – never stop learning

In a couple blogs lately, you've heard me talk about the classes I'm taking and short stories I've been writing for them. I haven't said much more than that. Well, writers, I have a deal for you. This week, WMG Publishing is offering 50% off all their classes this week. If you want to get … Continue reading Writers – never stop learning

Painting starts

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday, I've been in the painting mood lately. I'm certain there is a rhythm to the ups and downs of my creative tendencies, but I've never sat down to figure them out. Maybe I should. Along with working on Palladium today (writing), I prepared several blocked in paintings which … Continue reading Painting starts


Not too long ago, I showed a picture from my sketchbook of the main character of my Sacred Knight series, Steigan. A few nights ago I was flipping through my sketchbook again and came across a picture that reminds me of Ithanes. Ah, Ithanes! He doesn't come into the story until book 2, Manifest the … Continue reading Ithanes