The Strange Little Character

I’ve been preparing Tangled Magic for publication and I started thinking that I should add a map and a character list like I’ve done for my Sacred Knight series.

Now, keep in mind that I had this thought while I was actually working on a scene for Walk the Path, sequel to Tangled Magic, because this is where one of those odd synchronicities take place.

These two things made me start thinking about the character list in Sacred Knight. Did you know that there is actually a character missing from the cast in To Birth a Destiny (book 3) as well as Prince of the Ruined Land (book4)? I have mentioned it a few times and no one has ever come back to me saying that they have found the character.

Okay, yes, it is one character in a lineup of nearly 100. I admit that it’s probably not very obvious.

But here comes Tangled Magic and I have an opportunity to either list this very character (sort of – I’ll explain below) in the cast or not. The situation repeats for Walk the Path. If I really wanted to push it, I get another “chance” to hide this character in the character list for Palladium.

Now the reason I say that it’s the “very character” is because it’s not necessarily the same person. It is the same person in To Birth a Destiny and Prince of the Ruined Land, but in the other books, there’s a possibility that it’s more of a position, like a title.

And I am the one left laughing because I never did give this character an actual name in the Sacred Knight series.

As for the synchronicity, I was writing about this character in Walk the Path when I actually realized what was going on with this character.

Yep, now I’m really launched into my maniacal laughter.

I’m having fun wondering just how long I can “hide” this character. Maybe if I make it all the way to the release of Palladium without someone pointing it out, I’ll set up some kind of prize for finding the missing person.

Until then, I already consider the game afoot. (grin)

What was he waiting for?

just yesterday I was writing about Steigan and a conversation he was having with Arlyn. It’s a very wise conversation. It really got me to thinking that Prince of the Ruined Land is about Steigan feeling all the confusion about all that has happened in the first three books. what does the Destroyer want

Yes, he learns lots of things and part of the story knits together, but he’s still conflicted. Book 5, The Missing Thread, will be about him coming to terms with it. Maybe I needed to get to where I’m at in order to get Steigan through this.


FanX Salt Lake 2018

I’m currently out at FanX Salt Lake. We’re still an hour away from the show’s official start with VIP’s entering.

I hope I’ll get out to walk around tomorrow, but for now I’m sitting at my booth trying to get myself psyched up for the day ahead. Yeah, I was ready for this a week ago (grin) and now I want to be out adventuring instead. Maybe that speaks to my vibe being off.

Oh, I’ll get there again. I always do. I’m ready to rock this. I have new titles on my table: 1-800-CallLoki (the Loki Adventures omnibus), Let’s Make A Deal, and Space Ninjas Aren’t Real. I guess Prince of the Ruined Land is new to this show too, so if you have the first 3, you better come get #4.

I forgot my hat. That makes me a little sad. I wonder where it went because it wasn’t with the rest of my show stuff. As I wrote that, I wonder if I had taken it home. I think I did because I’d been planning on re-packing my shirts in there as soon as I had the dry cleaned. After I did that, I went to plan be and forgot my hat. Yeah.

Outside, the crowd cheers. They are really getting worked up. I hope the attendees have a great time.

It’s time to show some fandom love.

Let’s get this game on!

Onesong – Chapter 45

Keeping it short and sweet this week.

I thought about adding the next chapter after this one to the story, but the ending of the first part really needs a good break, so I left it here. It might end up being in the end of the previous chapter since it’s not very long at all.

I have divided the book and am beginning my review of the Tangled Magic section of it. I’ll have to re-imagine the ending a bit because it’s not solid right now, but it will all sort itself out. I trust the process. And I know it will be spectacular.

Thank you to readers who have finished Prince of the Ruined Land and excitedly wrote to me to find out if I was going to have the 5th Sacred Knight out soon (The Missing Thread) or these books in the Onesong series. Yes, Onesong is up next. I feel that I needed this part of the story first. The Missing Thread is my current Frankenstein’s monster. Well, sort of. It’s more like pieces and parts lying all around my lab on shelves waiting for me to return to them.

I have wondered if Steigan’s uncertainty is what is keeping me from writing the scene where Keteria wakes up. This is my biggest unknown at the moment. It’s not like I haven’t written the scene where she wakes up; I’ve actually drafted 4 different versions of it, then threw them all out because they aren’t right. Steigan is so worried about her and what’s going to happen, that I now have the nervous jitters about it. 

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A visit to the quaint town of Cove

Location profile: Cove

Character profile

Greetings and salutations. Dawn Blair here, your multi-dimensional, time-traveling tour guide. Are you ready for a sight-seeing adventure?

I often wondered why Arlyn took Sim and Lucinia to Cove after the disaster in Whalston. Was there something there that he knew more about? I decided that I needed to take a trip over to Cove, a place several miles southwest of New Lilinar.

About the only thing that I knew about Cove was that it was a quaint little port city. I wasn’t even quite sure how it had gotten its name, so I was really excited to see it.

I headed from New Lilinar, choosing to go west straight through the forest rather than taking Travelers’ Road. The forest at night can be spooky, so I headed out in the morning and kept the pace quick, trying to get there before nightfall.

Knowing that Lilinar and New Lilinar sit within a deep valley, a part of me expected some elevation gain like you get as your heading south to Whalston. That wasn’t really the case here. In fact, with the way that the forest thins out and seems to be of newer trees, at least in comparison to those around Dubinshire, I had to wonder if at some point this hadn’t been underwater.

I dismounted my horse and began to dig a little bit to see if there was any validation of my theory. The land does in fact seem to be a bit more sandy and I found a few traces of shell. I wonder if the ocean did once spill all the way into Lilinar valley. Ipson Creek, when it is flowing, usually provides the water for the lake which surrounds the Temple. But ocean water could have very well the reason for the initial forming of the lake.

I passed a few wagons carrying barrels of salted fish, the main export of Cove. Some of the drivers didn’t bother to even look at me as I went by but a few gave me a kindly smile. Bricks of white sandstone greeted me as I entered the city.

Late afternoon sunlight poured through the cobblestone streets, which started before I even got into the city guided me in. An elaborate wrought iron arch stretched high across the entryway. Vines grow over the surroundings sandstone wall with tiny purple flowers blooming within the interwoven branches. Between the street and the sidewalks were these flower pots which are overrun with plants. As I had expected, the humidity is high being so close to the sea.

While it was instantly apparent that Cove was a city of wealth and there was a certain prestige about the place, it’s obvious that the residents of this city also take honor in it too. Many people were out caring for the plants near the street.

While New Lilinar has a beauty growing out of tragic history which gives it in ancient feel, Cove feels more like a modern city. Not modern is in the way we know it and think of it on earth, but modern for this world. It was fresh, clean, quiet, and incredibly beautiful.

A part of me that wondered what Steigan’s reaction would be if he walked down the streets of Cove. Would he even think the same thoughts that I’m thinking now? There are times when I think that Steigan has blinders on and the city of Cove would be lost on him.

Flowers bloomed everywhere. The wide streets have such an open feel to them that I just kept turning my horse around and around in the street trying to take it all in. I decided that I must see the port itself before nightfall and continued on through the city. The houses on the outer edge started to give way to businesses. Here, it looked a lot like New Lilinar, except that businesses were sandstone and matched all of the surroundings, unlike in New Lilinar where the quick rebuilding had left a mismatch between buildings. I could see now just how hard the breaking was on New Lilinar. The difference in what the town was when it was Lilinar to when it became New Lilinar was a stark contrast especially as I stand in Cove.

As I got closer to the beach, I saw that the buildings become more aged. Repairs had been made, but the salty ocean air continued to take its toll and age these buildings. They looked smoother, more worn with moisture and wind. There was also, of course, the smell of fish in the air.

I dismounted and tied my horse before proceeding down toward the beach. A strange black sight caught my eye and I smiled as I realized what I was looking at. There were sea lions all lined up along the water’s edge, letting the waves come in and splash over them.

I moved so that I wouldn’t disturb the sea lions as I walked toward the docks that I could now see. There’s a small marina, smaller than I would have thought. I could see several boats out on the ocean. By the time I reached the docks, I discovered how Cove had acquired its name. There was a rock face which had stairs running along the outside and linking several caves.

I pretty much had to get to the docks to be able to see it because it was pushed back into the landscape and hidden in a little cove. There was a part of me that really wanted to go explore the caves and I wondered if it would be permitted. Sometimes people didn’t always like to let me go where I would like to go.

I really wanted to know what was in the caves. My curiosity had me now. However, I knew this wasn’t the time. It would probably take more equipment than I had with me, especially considering that I had left my pack on my horse. I hadn’t really intended on being gone that long. It would be dark soon. Still, I wanted to see if the caves were somewhere that I would have a access to if I did decide to come back.

I continued down the beach toward that weird staircase that went between caves in the cliff walls until a freshfaced kid yelled out at me.

“Hey, you. I need you to stop.”

At first I seemed appalled that this young kid was yelling at me. Then, about the same time that I realized that he was very similar to Steigan’s age, I also noticed that he had armor on. Red and gold armor. I found myself staring at it as he ran up to me. The hand on his hilt kept his sword stable while he jogged along. He caught up to me and, when he did, gave me a big smile. I guess I didn’t look very threatening to him.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you any closer to the caves,” he said.

“So I take it they’re not open to the public?”

His face wrinkled in curiosity. I laughed at myself. There I go, once again being an earthling. “I mean, I take it that just anyone can go into the caves. How can someone gain access?”

He now seemed to catch my meaning. “That’s holy ground. The saperes don’t let anyone up there.”

“Holy ground? What makes it so special?”

“I can’t say. I’m not allowed to. Besides, even thought I guard it, I’ve never seen it.”

It? I really had to know what he meant: the caves or something inside the caves. I wondered what my chances were of Holy Sapere Martias giving me permission to go inside the caves. I wondered briefly if Sapere Laurient had authorization that he could provide me.

Since I wasn’t ready to make the trek right now anyway, it didn’t really matter. Besides that, I could always come back to an earlier time period, say several cycles ago, and talk to Adonid. Or wait and see how things were after things settled down now that Martias is Holy Sapere. Maybe I could even find out when this ground became holy. That might be a fun story to tell. I would definitely have to research that further.

Since my little adventure had been put on temporary hold for now, I pointed to the boy’s armor. “Are you a Dominus?”

He shook his head, but stood tall and put his fist over his heart in salute. “Knight Captain,” he announced happily.

“Seriously? I didn’t know that the title of Knight Captain was still in use.”

His grin broadened. “Cove is a special place, ma’am,” he said in a tone that almost made me laugh.

I held it back because I didn’t want him to think that I was mocking him. “I see that.”

“I best be getting back to my post now,” he told me. He saluted once more before turning and walking away.

I watch the Knight Captain go. Why would Cove keep an old title from Gohaldinest? Why were the caves considered holy ground? So the city of prestige, which seemed so modern and so removed from all of the history of this world, was not quite so.

I turned back, ready to go get my horse. A night in Cove sounded like an interesting idea. Obviously there were stories here to tell. I just had to go find them.




Some sugar – Prince of the Ruined Land

I know that for the last few weeks you’ve heard a lot about Prince of the Ruined Land. I feel that I owe you for sticking with me and I want to reward you for being loyal readers.

Thank you.

So, here’s the first chapter of Prince of the Ruined Land (Book 4 in the Sacred Knight series)

Prince of the Ruined Land cover small


Prince of the Ruined Land

by Dawn Blair

Chapter 1

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

                –Seneca (Roman philosopher)

The fact Steigan held onto life startled him.

He thought the last remnants of his existence might be wiped away by the intensity of the magic. Yet he found himself standing, staring at the gray cobblestones of the ruins beneath him.

More than a ghost on the doorstep.

Prophecy had come true: Steigan had returned.

A soft wind sweeping through the rubble brought a chill to Steigan’s skin as he stared at his hands and flexed his fingers. He couldn’t believe they looked so young again, before the age spots had started to appear. A new future lay ahead of him, yet never had the expanse of time looked so bleak.

Some dim part of his thoughts told him he was home, yet he couldn’t fight through the fog that gripped him. He was back, yet he didn’t allow himself to believe. How could this be?

All he wanted to do was rest. He thought by now he’d be able to do that. Where was all the magic? He felt none of it coming to him. Steigan dropped to his knees and shouted out his frustration, tears burning in his eyes.

With some vague awareness, he heard people clamoring nearby as they urged him to get to his feet. Steigan glanced around, a dull numbness over his senses as he tried to pull himself from the confusion surrounding him.

A crash jerked Steigan partway from his trance. He raised his head toward the sound. The wooden main gate of Lilinar bowed inwards as it was rammed from outside again. The securing crossbar bulged and was beginning to crack. He did have to get to his feet. They had to get moving. He knew their urgency was important, but he didn’t remember why.

Steigan looked over at the flattened landscape of the ruins. This had once been his home. In his memories, he remembered buildings along the path, but now he could barely see foundations. Weeds and little skeletal trees that had tried to grow here pushed the rocks apart. Vast expanses of the castle were missing. Only the wind visited Lilinar anymore. He barely recognized it.


Another boom thundered through the ruins. Dust fell from the aged wood as the main gate began to splinter. Martias, Adonid, the domini from the Temple, they would all be coming through to arrest Steigan and the people with him. He really needed to get up. He had made it. Now, he had things to do.

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Oh no, not another prophecy

It seems that every fantasy book has some sort of prophecy in it. I tried so hard when I was writing Quest for the Three Books to keep the word prophecy out of it.

I used “legend” instead.

I get to book 4 of the series and I realize I must just give in to the Dark Side.

Prince of the Ruined Land cover small

The prophecy has been fulfilled: the Bloody Saint has returned.

Steigan was known as the saint and betrayer for a reason: where ever he went, death and destruction followed.

Now his enemies attack the gates of the ruined city of Lilinar to capture him. There will be no escape for him this time and no saving his friends. He has nothing but the debris around him.

And the advantage of a lifetime to plan.

Will it be enough to stop the threats retaking the land or to save his friend from turning to the evil powers that he knows will possess Martias?

The fourth story in the legend of Dominus Steigan continues in this epic fantasy adventure.

Releases Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

Pre-order now.

No, wait! I better start the series first!

The Bloody Saint returns

A funny thing happened last night.

I’d been working on a stressful project last night — not creativity related, just a project that needed done like 3 weeks ago and I don’t have all the information for and I’m still working on so it’s stressing me out so much so that I can have long run-on sentences about it without feeling too guilty. Once I got to a point where I literally could go no further, I jumped onto Facebook to lighten my mood.

Why in the world I thought that might be a possibility, I don’t know. 

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Progress – April 9, 2018

First I lost my daily word count streak, and now my weekly word count streak tumbles.

There’s just been too much going on. So I must learn from this experience and move on. It’s all I can do.

What did I learn? Mostly that when I plan a publication date, I really have to look at other factors in my life that can put me behind. Even though I’d set the publication date for Prince far enough in the future, I didn’t think about having extra work hours, taxes for three people, and having to put my book back together because I couldn’t trust my instincts about the story to begin with and what a landmine that would be. Okay, that last one I couldn’t have foreseen, but it should have been a “what if” factor.

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Prince – Stick a fork in it

It’s done.

The manuscript for Prince of the Ruined Land is done.

Well, more accurately, I am done tying it all back out after ripping it to shreds and making it not look like Frankenstein’s monster.

I am currently up to chapter 5 in my final read-through and I haven’t made any major changes. Still making some minor tweaks as I go along, but it’s usually the changing of a word or a phrase — not the major changes to scenes as it has been for the last couple of weeks.

Last night, I also started the character list for the book and I worked on tweaking the cover again thanks to some issues pointed out to me (Thank you, Sean!). I still need to work on the map too.

Prince of the Ruined Land cover small

It will be ready for release on time.

I’m so excited (and a little nervous). How about you?