One more than you had yesterday

While I was at FanX, I had someone (Cody) ask if I could say a few words for a podcast for creative entrepreneurs. I laughed as I asked him if he’d read my blog; why sure, I can say a few words! I’ve been cheerleading the creative entrepreneur for years.

Then, of course, the instant fear set in. What would I say? I’m a writer, not a speaker.

It took me a good moment to settle down and get my act together. Then, as Cody and I talked, I was fine as long as I kept my eyes focused on his face. If I looked toward the phone he held to record us, well, things didn’t feel too good. 

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Sketching Fun – March 29, 2018

Another Weblink’s page has been posted on Noble Heart Comics for your reading. This is based on some of the work in progress blogs you saw here earlier.

If you want to stay up to date with the comics there, I suggest subscribing to the email (the box on the right). Honestly, I have no idea if it works (yet) as I just remembered to subscribe myself to it yesterday.

Yes, I subscribe to my own blogs. Yes, I’m a goober. I know. (grin)

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Courage never gives up

It is with a heavy heart that I release Legendary Hero Comics to its fate.

I thought it was such a glorious domain and had such potential. But, alas, all good things must come to an end. Since I will not be renewing my domains with the company that currently has my domains and as of yet has never given me a response about transferring them, Legendary Hero Comics will drift into the sunset.

But never fear! A new hope arises!

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Rockin’ Life – March 9, 2018

I have a new Rockin’ Life posted — it is the one you saw as a work in progress in an earlier post.

Check out the new comic website while you’re there. Of course, it will be changing again soon (more on this next Monday). It also isn’t as nearly complete as I wish it was, but it will do for the moment until I can get other things rearranged.

If someone has an idea for a name for my comic site, I’d love to hear it. I really liked Legendary Hero Comics, but, well, again, more on that Monday.


Progress – March 5, 2018

It’s a good thing that my love for creating far outweighs my desire to inflict destruction.

This last week in fighting over my domain names, I have wanted to put on my black hat and hack a certain web hosting company to shreds. Rather, I tried to just be annoying. The squeaky wheel gets the oil and all. Unfortunately, That has brought me no luck. Damn, I was hoping they would just hand over the information I needed so I’d go away.

But in constantly knocking at their door, I found myself losing a lot of time and energy. I have gotten nothing else done that I really needed to be working on.

Adrian told me I couldn’t include the word count on a very angry email I unwillingly had to write because I couldn’t get a response out of a company I’ve been doing business with for over a decade. To make it worse, I lost what I’d dictated earlier in the day. All those words, gone. Shakespeare would totally agree with me about that being a true tragedy.

He also wouldn’t let me include the word count from a second email. Two nights I wrote words that I pitched out to thin air. Yeah, that pisses me off.

Seeing how much time I was losing, I decided that I needed to refocus. If I was going to lose time, then it might as well be on something that needed to be done. I got my new website running for my comics. It doesn’t work as well as I had hoped, but it will do, especially in light of all that has been going on.  (Hey, Suckers at the web hosting company, by ignoring me, you gave to time to be rational about what needed to be done and I got all my important stuff off my websites. In your face, man!) Yep, I would have lost everything if I’d just transferred my domains and closed my account before taking a moment to realize that I had a lot of text with my posts, especially on Rockin’ Life.

I do still need to go through posts on my site. I think I’ll copy important posts to a Word document and save it, but I suspect that in the end I will not be continuing this site. I will let it go.

This is certainly not what I wanted to be doing at this time of year.

While I haven’t gotten as much done this week as I would have hoped, I still did get daily writing done. Even after writing two emails lost to cyberspace.

On Onesong, just as a reached 140,000 words in the story, I realized that I was going in a wrong direction. Yes, some of the things I’d been writing had given me food for thought — there are some things I really need to dive deeper into or at least contemplate. But my gut just told me I couldn’t continue it. I have no idea how much I’ll have to cut at this point, but I definitely have some pruning to do to get back to the part of the story that felt right. I trust the process.

I also worked on Stonecharmer. I need a moment to go back and re-read what I have written. But I have several stories that are sitting at that point.

As for my children’s story, well, that decision became easy. I went looking for the story I really wanted to work on so I could start dividing pages, and discovered that I don’t have a digital version. It’s only on paper. So I went to the other option, which got scanned in and cleaned up last summer. But I didn’t get much further than that.

Thanks to still having head congestion, I haven’t been working too much on audio this last week. I’ve been doing some story cleanup and merging voices into chapters — things I don’t have to have real clear hearing for.

Well, wish me luck for this next week. I really would love to have this whole domain mess cleared up. I have better things to be doing than wasting my time over someone who wants to be a baby over losing business rather than being a professional.

Let’s see what I got done:

Fiction words written last week: 4,924 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  1,619 words

Writing month to date total:  30,474 words words for February, 3,678 so far for March – my writing streak for hitting my daily word goal is now at 61 days (which was a stretch to keep this streak up this week) and hitting the weekly goal for the last 9 weeks.

Writing year to date total: 70,446 words

Drawing/painting last week: I spent about 2 and a half hours working on Rockin’ Life and Weblinks.

Audio: I spent 2 editing audio.

Illustration progress – February 27, 2018

While I didn’t get to work on any kid’s books last week, I did spend some time working on my Rockin’ Life and Weblink’s comics. I still haven’t decided what book I want to work on, but I suspect I know what I’m going to do.  Hopefully this week I’ll be able to get to working on it, if I don’t feel too tired from being sick (or, heaven forbid, get worse).

This is an in-progress page for Rockin’ Life:

Rockin' Life 15

Progress – February 26, 2018

I let myself get run down this last week. I felt it coming on about Wednesday and thought that if I made it through the week it would be incredible.

I didn’t make it through the week.

I’d watched my son get wore down and he got sick. I was just a few days behind him. Dang.

Fortunately for me, I did get my weekly word count in before I completely crashed. But it felt like the bare minimum, especially as the week went on.

Nothing like a stuffed head, aches, chills… the worst of it is the random pain in my wrists, feet, and in-between the vertebra. Fortunately I’d been active with all the natural healing things for Adrian: herbs, essential oils, etc., so it was easy for start doing it for myself.

But there was so much other stuff going on, things I didn’t need to get sick while trying to handle.

There are some things I don’t want to walk through. Transferring my domain names and setting up new email are just two of them. Yet, it seems like my number is up on this one. But does it really have to be during tax season? Every time my domains come up for renewal, no matter how far in advance I pay for them, they always go down. It’s time to find new services.  It’s just frustrating.

Especially while trying to get along with stories. It’s a time when the business hat and the artist hat both have to be pulled down over my ears to get things done.

I need to stop. I obviously don’t feel well enough to dredge up coherent sentences right now.  I’d much rather feel better right now.

Let’s get to the numbers, shall we?

Fiction words written last week: 6.438 words

Blogs/Newsletter articles/non-fiction written:  481 words

Writing month to date total:  27,609 words – my writing streak for hitting my daily word goal is now at 54 days (which was a stretch to keep this streak up this week) and hitting the weekly goal for the last 8 weeks.

Writing year to date total: 63,903 words

Drawing/painting last week: I spent about 2 and a half hours working on Rockin’ Life and Weblinks.

Audio: I spent 3 editing audio.

Children’s Book Progress – February 15, 2018

This is actually the end page of the book, though I am not to the end. Please don’t take that as me having finished. (grin) I merely had finished inking it and jumped right into coloring it.

It looks kind of weird in my thumbnail panel because I have all these colored pages, a few inked pages, and then the one final colored page. Makes me laugh to myself. And I think back to when I started this and only had a few pages inked and those last few pages were blank. It felt like forever away. But just working on it steadily, I can’t believe I’m now nearing the end and I’m starting to wonder how the process to getting it published is going to work. Novels, short stories, no problem, but I’ve never done a book with pictures before.

I am looking forward to learning though. It will be a process and I’m sure I’ll get frustrated in it, but I will figure it out. The obstacle before me is not that big; I just have to keep walking through it. Quite frankly, it, like all other “obstacles” people think are huge insurmountable things that one has to climb over, is really a tunnel that just must be tread. You can either go through it and enjoy the journey, or you can stand outside wondering how you will ever get to the other side. Too many people turn back.  (I’m thinking this needs to be a Rockin’ Life post — grin!).

Here’s the final page:


Progress – November 6, 2017

Along with recovering from being so tired after an intense writing business masterclass, I spent a lot of time trying to find a solution for my Legendary Hero Comics website. I’ve finally come up with something. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than the clunkiness that I have going on right now. The last two weeks, even though I’ve had my pages scheduled to go up, they haven’t. I also couldn’t force them to post. I had to go set up new posts and publish.  Anyway, i have been testing and tinkering with a new site. It’s not live yet, but I do hope I can go live with it soon. Right now I only have 11 pages of Weblinks up and 1 of Rockin’ Life. I’d like to have a bit more done before I release it. And hopefully, publishing to it won’t be such a pain as it is now and I’ll actually enjoy posting.

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Progress – October 23, 2017

Last week involved a lot of getting ready for a writers conference, driving to the conference, and beginning the conference. It started Saturday night and will run through next Saturday.

I say this because I will soon lose track of days. If I don’t have my usual Wednesday post done on time, you know why. I am trying and fully intend on having it up as usual, but I

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