Everyone’s home

We're all back from FanX. The cats are happy to have us home. The dogs are glad to be home, although they certainly love the place where they get boarded. Merlin started whining with excitement as we got within a couple blocks of the house and he recognized the neighborhood. Right now he's curled up … Continue reading Everyone’s home

FanX 2021- day 3

Final day of FanX. It’s been fun, but I’m ready to get back to normal life. It’s been several long days and short nights, so I’m going to wrangle in this blog quickly tonight. Thank you again for everyone who came out to see me, especially those who came to see me on multiple days. … Continue reading FanX 2021- day 3

Finish line!

The last day to get things accomplished. Some things didn't get done, but everything that needed done was finished. I hope my garden makes it through. I still hope to get a couple more weeks out of it even though I can feel the weather cooling down. I'm not ready for winter. I'd be happy … Continue reading Finish line!

Beautiful day

I didn't make it out to setup last night after I finished my blog. Well, technically, I did go out there, but my gut just wouldn't let me setup. I decided, very disgruntledly, to trust my instincts and not setup last night. That made this morning an early morning. There was fog -- didn't look … Continue reading Beautiful day