Phoenix nebula

So I thought I was going to have a book cover reveal this week. Yep, that’s not happening, Life has blown this week out of the water. I’m counting myself fortunate enough to be doing this post, thought it’ll probably be short unless I find myself with something suddenly to say or rattling on like this sentence is. Yeah, I go off like that sometimes. *grin*

I thought I’d show you one of the paintings I finished last week. I do wish I had more work in progress pictures of it, but I wasn’t certain about this painting. It probably really hit rock bottom when I had just started it and my youngest son walked by and said, “So, Mom, what’s up with the eclipse and the alligator.”

Eclipse and alligator? Well he wasn’t wrong. Here’s sort of what he was seeing:

You see the “eclipse” at the top of the painting and the alligator at the bottom left. I do believe this is actually after he had made his comment and I had started a second coat, getting rid of the alligator’s open jaws so much. You can still see the two parts sticking out that originally made it’s mouth. Yep, can’t get much worse from there.

I wish I’d remembered to take a picture of the first layer when I started, but I really did feel like I’d messed it up right from the get-go. Then the eclipse and alligator really made me question it. But I had this burr that I really wanted to work with, to try this, to see what would happen. So I continued. That’s when I ended up with the picture above, and then this.

This is after a few more layers and some stars added. I was tempted to go with the angel look here, but I decided to hold to the idea I really wanted.

More layers, added so black back to it, and more stars. This is the finished piece.

I really want to do this, or something like this, on a larger canvas. I am having so much fun with these space nebulae. I’m learning something new with each one. It’s definitely been an interesting journey. I never thought I’d be creating these as beautiful as they are. My first attempts at nebulae were so awful. I’m glad the urge to continue attempting to paint these never abandoned me.

Onward! Let us continue our explorations!


Space painting – WIP

I mentioned in a couple of my progress blogs that I’d been painting. I have been experimenting recently with space nebulae.

Had to teach myself the valuable lesson of having fun once again a couple nights ago during my painting session. I was trying so hard not to mess up a painting I was working on, even though it was study painting and I should have been exploring concepts rather than trying to do a “masterpiece.” So guess what happened?

Yep, I messed it up. I was so not happy with it. I decided to play around with the mess I had on my canvas.

Wow! Rather than pulling my paint with the brush over the canvas, I started to push it. Because I had such a mess, I was getting incredible results. Well, I thought they were. Here’s what resulted:


While waiting for this one to dry, I started a new canvas and I just let this playful state I’d reached have at it. Here’s it’s result:

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When they want more!

Let's Make a Deal

The above quote came from my first reader in her email back to me on the book. Oh, she had other questions for me too, one’s that actually tied into another short story she’d read earlier. Suddenly I saw the two stories tied together. And that, quite frankly, opened up my head for working in Cirvel’s story. Yeah, the potential to be part of something bigger — just put that in the hopper. Now, I haven’t tied this story to any of the others, yet, but that’s not saying it won’t happen. If readers keep telling me they want more… *grin* …yeah, I’m up for it.

Unless we’re talking about The Last Ant. Nope, that was a catharsis story and I’m done with it. (She says now, until she decides to go for it or I make her. — Love, Loki) *wink*

eBay auction for 2/10/10 and new Etsy listing

What kind of world are we leaving behind for our children, when our lives are filled with “have to’s” and “should have’s”? Everything is so rushed. Everyone wants cheap instant gratification. Too many people feel like they’ve ruined their life and they don’t know how to fix it so they might as well waste time and coast into the grave. Or they figure they’re too old to do something with their life. You are never too old to start something new, learn something, mentor someone, change someone’s mind, make someone feel special, or do what you love. As long as there’s energy in your body and willingness in your mind, you are still on the journey of life. Make it what you will. (Hint: that means you shape your life, your happiness, your state of being – YOU, not anyone else.)

Tomorrow’s eBay auction:

Against an Orange Sunset

This is a 10×8 acrylic on wrapped canvas. The colors are stunning and I’ve been told that one of the clouds looks like an angel with wings spread wide.

Against an Orange Sunset
10X8 acrylic on wrapped canvas
© 2009 Dawn Blair

I might get really ambitious and list an ACEO tomorrow as well. I just haven’t decided which one. I’ll have to think about that for a bit.

I’ll also have a new listing on Etsy called Fading Day. Here’s your first look.

Fading Day
12x9 acrylic on wrapped canvas
© 2010 Dawn Blair

This piece has free U.S. shipping. I should also mention that it’s the “big brother” of Gathering Around. I liked that painting so much I wanted to do it a little bigger.

Thank you for supporting my art. I hope you keep dreaming big!