A rest day

I didn't get much done today. When I had no idea where 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. went to, I decided that maybe I needed a rest day. I was awake, but I was sitting in bed looking at a sketchbook and thinking about drawing. I also tossed some tarot cards. I can't believe that … Continue reading A rest day

The store is open

After much trial and error, I finally have my store up and running. Currently, it's only stocked with books, both physical and electronic books, prints, and notecards mostly. Artwork will be posted as I have time. I am only shipping in the U.S. right now and the way it is set up I can't even … Continue reading The store is open

Party time

My finger continues to heal. I went out to shop for a few things I missed or didn't get to the other day and I left the finger unbandaged. Well, of course, I then hit it on everything I possibly could. At least I didn't break it open again. It's back to being bandaged and … Continue reading Party time