Release day

It's been another long day of trying to get things done. I'm tired. I'd say it was a good tired, but my legs and feet hurt. Yeah, its a good tired. I keep telling myself I'm almost done for the moment. Then I can relax and enjoy myself. My funny today is that I forgot … Continue reading Release day


Last week was an interesting one. On many levels. Firstly, I signed up for lifetime access to a bunch of learning materials for writers. I have only had a chance to watch part of the "Fear" videos -- what, me? Fear? OMG, yes, I do have some! -- and in that time I've already doubled … Continue reading Joyful


Not too long ago, I showed a picture from my sketchbook of the main character of my Sacred Knight series, Steigan. A few nights ago I was flipping through my sketchbook again and came across a picture that reminds me of Ithanes. Ah, Ithanes! He doesn't come into the story until book 2, Manifest the … Continue reading Ithanes