One does not walk

September 18, 2018

As a Lord of Dubinshire

I am often asked which of my books is my favorite.

Unfair question! (grin)

For starters, it’s akin to asking which of your children is your favorite. Secondly, the excitement is always tied up in the books a writer is currently working on, not the ones that are published. Once I’m satisfied with an adventure and its released, I’m moving on to the next one. Now, since I usually write 3-5 different stories at a time, yes, I do have a favorite at that point — it’s always the one being the easiest to write!

However, when pressed for an answer, at this moment in time, my favorite is To Birth a Destiny. Granted, one has to read the first 2 book in the series to get there, but it is the book I love.  Read the rest of this entry »


Field of care

September 7, 2018

A ghost rose in front of me this morning and gave to me a “field of care.”

Yes, this is going to take a little explaining.

It’s apparent to most people who talk to me, follow my blog, or generally interact with me in one way or another that Loki writes the stories through me. I’ve said before that I’m not clever or funny enough to write his stories. I’m glad he chose me to be his author.

And I’ve often said that I trust the process of writing. Again, I’m just not clever enough nor do my plans ever work out as I make them, so there is no way I could have plots come together like they do. I’m always trying to get words down rather than make them up.

With all that out of the way, let me get to what happened yesterday at the convention.

I was talking to a lady about Diane Wynn Jones because she had a Calcifer shirt on. She told me she had ready the book, Howl’s Moving Castle. So we chatted for a bit. (PS come see me today at FanX Salt Lake)

This morning, I was wishing that I’d mentioned Enchanted Glass to her, another book by Jones which was published shortly before her death. It was probably one of the last books she saw. In Enchanted Glass, the main character inherits a “field of care” from his grandfather. Throughout the story he spends time walking around his field and overcoming obstacles. Only once he has full accepted his “field of care” does he come into his full power.

Here’s where the ghost comes in. Read the rest of this entry »

Free Fiction: Dragons of Wellsdeep – Chapter 4

September 5, 2018

Yes, I confess to this being a short chapter. It’s actually one that I wrote into the story much later — in fact, I think I wrote this scene back when I was working on Mystery of the Stardust Monk because I always meant to go back in and have Balthier call his ship Rhonda at some point. I apparently never did that because I just checked and it’s not in there. Dang — this is why I have to always make notes, then make sure I don’t lose those notes.

Three years from now, I’ll probably come across a note that says, “Call the ship Rhonda,” and I’ll have no bloody idea what I was going on about. (grin)

I do know this was where I conceived of the scenes alternating in point of view from Moonhunter (who was supposed to be the sole point of view charaters, like Steigan in Sacred Knight) to Balthier. He has become such a fascinating character to me and I’m really excited to see what this holds for Balthier later on in the book.

Right now though, it’s getting to be time for me to be merging in pieces I’ve written and getting part of the story wrangled around so I can share it here. So, short chapter here, but there will be more rolling at you.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

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Progress – September 3, 2018

September 3, 2018

I probably should have written this during the morning when I was all pumped up and ecstatic. I’m starting to feel that this is a Sunday routine for me where I start the day all excited and by the time I sit down to write this, I’m depressed as can be. Yes, honest moment there.

And yes, I often have to pick myself back up to write this blog.

There’s a big fly in my office and I wish it would die. I want it to get trapped in a spiderweb and become dinner for another species I don’t particularly like. Yeah, it’s that kind of depression day.

Maybe it’s the episode of Star Trek: TNG that I had on a little while ago. Maybe it’s just a cycle that I go through. Maybe I feel that I’m not as productive on Sundays as I wish I were and I imagine myself being during the rest of the week. Maybe it’s the story I’m writing that now has me emotionally tapped. Maybe I intuitively feel that I’m not doing something right in my life and this is when it tries to surface. Maybe I need more time off to recharge. Maybe I see all that needs to get done that I haven’t gotten to. Maybe I feel like this is a record of what I got done while I let other things in my life go by the wayside knowing I should be tackling these tasks too.

Yeah, this is how I feel on Sunday evenings.  Read the rest of this entry »

Loki is back at it!

August 28, 2018

It’s out!

1-800-icebaby front small

Loki of Midgard – not something he ever thought he’d be – is back in this new adventure.  Up until now, he’d always liked sending unauthorized visitors to Midgard back to their home realms.

Now it no longer feels like retribution, but a chore. Can’t he sit back, drink his coffee, and run his businesses? Why must Bronwyn call him yet again?

All to check out alleged poltergeist activity centering around a lowly janitor at the mall.

Really?!! What does he look like? A security guard?

But the temperature is about to drop as Loki discovers the truth. And someone is going to take a fall.

Get it now.

Progress – August 20, 2018

August 20, 2018

View while I’m walking of the college campus

While taking my lunchtime walks this week, I finished up listening to Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s audiobook, The Freelancer’s Survival Guide. It’s interesting to see how things have changed in the 5+ years since this book was written as posts on her blog, then published. While there were many good gems in this book (brilliant advise I wish I’d had ages ago and some that I will be delving into myself over the next few years), there was one thing that really struck me and I want to share.

Don’t make the words fancy. Translation into other languages translates the story, not the words.

These were my notes, so I’m certain I paraphrased for me to remember. So often, I know I try to strive for just the right sentence or word. All too often, I feel like I’m just using the same words over and over. Oh look, another THE. How about and AND. Yes, I’m oversimplifying here, but that’s how it feels some days. It’s if I’ve just taken every word I learned in first grade, probably when we were pasting words into the sentences on our sheets, thrown them into a bag and shook them, and now I take them out one by one and line them up all in a row just like I did then.

I remind myself that my purpose it to entertain with a good story, not fancy words. I don’t want to mire my readers in a deluge of words to get through. No slough for them to cut through.  Read the rest of this entry »

Free Fiction: Mystery of the Stardust Monk – Part 4

August 8, 2018

Oh, my gosh! I am working on some amazing things right now. I have about five stories all coming together. It’s fantastic. This is when it’s so nice to be trusting the process and following the flow.

I give it a week and it’ll probably go crashing down.

It’s not that I’m being pessimistic or anything like that, I just understand cycles. I often say that there is balance in all things. What many people see as duality (good/evil, light/dark, happy/sad, thin/fat, life/death, like/dislike, etc.), I actually see as circles. It is never day, then suddenly night, no matter how we feel like it is that way. There is a gradient as we go through sunset, then again at sunrise as night becomes day. We are never happy, then sad — again there is a decline, other thoughts intruding, etc. until we feel sad.  We are always on some position within that cycle.

So, I know that when the story is working well, it won’t last forever. There will come the times when I want to pound my head on the desk in frustration.

But, I do wish for the impossible still. I wish the reader could be right there with me at this moment of creation, that point where the magic happens. It, of course, can never happen. I must always be ahead on the path. Still, I wish…

Mystery of the Stardust Monk front cover small

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