The gnome did it


Loki did not do this. He swears on his immortal life. (No, you didn’t just hear him snicker!)

In this case, Loki is putting forth a gnome to be a scapegoat:


Personally, I don’t think it was the gnome, not this time. Even with as creepy as he is:


Watch out, he’ll steal your soul!

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Apology – Sorry, not sorry!


Loki would like to say his apologies to Odin and Daikokuten, one of the Seven Lucky Gods, for the destruction of their mall.

It wasn’t really his fault. He swears.

I think the Trickster is smiling with his fingers crossed behind his back. He is “sorry, not sorry.”

P.S. this is actually the wing of the mall used in 1-800-IceBaby.

Coming August 28, 2018

1-800-icebaby front small
Cover and layout copyright ©2018 by Morning Sky Studios
Cover design by Dawn Blair/Morning Sky Studios
Cover art copyright © Ileana – Marcela Bosogea – Tudor |, © Maglara |, © Phive2015 |


Loki – a blooper

Welcome, Loki believers!

If you read my progress blog from Monday, you saw that 1-800-IceBaby is now up for pre-order and releasing on August 28, 2018. Yippee!

I know, you’re thinking that August is so far away. It’s hot now and you want Loki to come cool you down.

Okay, okay, I will provide you with a special treat — a scene that got cut from the story. I really didn’t want to do it, but alas, it just didn’t fit. It had to go.

But that’s fine because you can see it now and have a small spoonful of the delicious delicacy that is coming.

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Progress – June 25, 2018

Hail, fellow adventurers.

I don’t know about you, but last week was a bushwhacking week. Some incredible high points (so lows too, but balance in all things, right?) Whew!

Let’s see… I got my print copy of Eggs at Play. That was fun.

Some people have also already noticed that the next Loki novella, 1-800-IceBaby is up for pre-order. It will officially be available August 28th. Spread the word!

1-800-icebaby front small
Cover and layout copyright ©2018 by Morning Sky Studios
Cover design by Dawn Blair/Morning Sky Studios
Cover art copyright © Ileana – Marcela Bosogea – Tudor |, © Maglara |, © Phive2015 |

PS. That word is “mischief.”

(insert Loki’s laughter here)

Yeah, he’s a bit excited too. 

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Fantasy Author Promotion

Were you paying attention yesterday? If not, here’s your second chance. (grin!)


Now is a great time to find your next read.

I’ve teamed up with more than 50 authors to bring you some great deals.

If you’ve followed me for long, you know that I love sharing other authors and artists with you. It’s wonderful to partner with other people and share. That’s why when this offer to join with other fantasy writers came along, I had to jump on.

You’ll find all types of fantasy books here: fantasy romance, humorous fantasy, urban fantasy, action adventure fantasy, high fantasy, etc. and all at great prices.

I urge you to go to Andrea Pearson’s page and check out all the books.

P.S. Don’t forget to share this newsletter and the website with your friends and family so they can discover their next favorite author as well.

Feed your…


For Sale, Call Loki

For Sale, Call LokiLoki Adventure #2©2013  Dawn Blair
For Sale, Call Loki
Loki Adventure #2
©2013 Dawn Blair

Now available for Kindle. Print edition will be available soon.

About the book:
No one goes up against the Norse god of mischief. It just isn’t done.
Well, not before now.
Someone has started the game and Loki can’t resist playing.
There’s just one (or two) little problems. Loki’s brother, Thor, has come for a visit. How is Loki supposed to do his assigned missions with Thor and his hammer causing so much destruction? Not to mention the news Thor brings for Loki.
It’s enough to make a god what to run into a telephone pole, which Loki will make happen if he gets a chance.
The game takes a dangerous turn when Loki is sent into a daycare to stop a transdimensional being. Loki is truly pushed over the edge when the life of a child of Midgard is put into jeopardy. It’s enough to make Loki consider breaking his parole.

For more details, please visit my Morning Sky Studios website.