Tagging along for the ride

It feels a little strange to be sitting between projects right now. It feels like I'm mentally tagging along for the ride and waiting to see where I go. I've spent the last few days since finishing the manuscript for Palladium focused on rounding out Sword and Shield (Sacred Knight book 6). When I was … Continue reading Tagging along for the ride

Redrafted chapter

I had ground to a halt on Palladium shortly before working on the short story I had to get done for my class last week. So, I very much welcomed the break from Cirvel's novel in order to work on something else. In working on it yesterday, I really felt like I was just spinning … Continue reading Redrafted chapter

Me, hopeless?

I'm writing this as it's about time for me to turn in for the night. I can't believe the day whooshed by so quickly. I've still been editing The Missing Thread all day, save for writing some new words for Palladium. I'm hoping tomorrow I can finish the edits, prepare the character list, and update … Continue reading Me, hopeless?