Rousing of ideas

I wrote about how ties and carpets have inspired ideas before, but here’s another thing that spurred an idea. You may actually recognize him from the cover of Mystery of the Stardust Monk.


This little monk statue was in the courtyard at the Anchor in Lincoln City, Oregon. Look at him closely and you’ll notice that he’s been cleaved in two it looks like. I always wondered how the split came about and what was holding him together. I think that’s why he sat in the back of my imagination.

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Road construction ahead

Because I’ve been out of town for the last ten days (I think. I honestly don’t know anymore and my brain is turned to mush) along with shady Internet connections, I have no numbers to report at the moment. Everything is so scattered and I need to collect it. I hope to give a full report tomorrow once I am home. 

Sorry that the progress report has to be put out on Tuesday. You’ll get the next chapter on Wednesday as usual. 

See you all tomorrow. In the meanwhile, here’s a beautiful picture of the beach where I have been. 

I know; it’s a rough life, right? (Grin)

Progress – October 23, 2017

Last week involved a lot of getting ready for a writers conference, driving to the conference, and beginning the conference. It started Saturday night and will run through next Saturday.

I say this because I will soon lose track of days. If I don’t have my usual Wednesday post done on time, you know why. I am trying and fully intend on having it up as usual, but I

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